hello me

Well..hello everyone

Just called me debbie

I’m a women  who love many things

I love my job as doctor

I love travelling

I love my family

I love playing game especially rpg and otome game.

I love make up and cute clothes

I love to buy everything that were discounted

I love to try new product

I love to try new things

I love internet

I love horror film

I love zombie

I love game of thrones

I love manga

I love google about random stuff

I love sleeping

I love eat

In other side

I hate sport and sucks about it

I hate to wake up early in morning

I hate ironing my clothes

I hate hypocrite people

I hate rollercoaster

Currently i ha ve no job and planning to have my speciallist degree in Germany

I study  Deutsch and that is why my english become very2 sucks

My blog will mainly about my life, my story as a doctor, travelling, my random hobbies and slur way of thinking.

My reason for blogging is, well because i have many free time due to my unemployment, and because i need to practice my english. My current state of foreign language is 60%english 40% deutsch. When i try to speak english it start to sound like this “hai mein name ( read na-me not nem) is debbie”  or “good morning can du helfen mir?”

And the other reason is because i want to documented all the process during my journey  to become doctor in germany. It is gonna be super though. The road will never straight. I hope in the future whatever what will happen whether i end up in germanny as doctor or come back and become no one, i can look back and read all the journey and fight i have been through. Hoffentlich alles ist gute. Bitte J


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