choosing the right one in hakone

i plan to have vacation in japan during june-july for 15 days

the transportation check

the hotel almost check

the good news is i successfully booked an apartment via airbnb in tokyo for 3 night with only 1,7 million rupiah or 120 euro. It is freaking cheap!!! Come on. 3 night 4 day in tokyo during weekend for only 120 euro? so freaking freaking fucking cheap! Sehr gunstig!

thanks to the airbnb new promotion program. So, when people who had no account in airbnb should create an account and then you can activate this bonus and receive discount. I get 22 euro discount. If you already have account, just create a new one and you can receive this amazing promo.

yay for me!

the bad news is….

who says tokyo is expensive obviously never heard about hakone

i plan to have 2 night in hakone, and i have specific requierement what kind of ryokan i want to booked

1. about 7-8 million for 2 night

2. private onsen in room

3. kaiseki dinner

4. japanesse style bed

actually i already found ryokan with this requirement.

the name is ichi no yu.

It is perfect!!! the private onsen is beautiful. Last week when i check the availability it is ok. and today when i finally have time to reserve it, guess what, full booked




spend my entire night to find the replacement but it is so hard!

it is easy to find ryokan with beauty open air bath in room, but the freaking price!!!

the total cost i spend for hotel for 12 night in tokyo, kyoto, my koya, and osaka are equal to the price of 1 room 1 night in hakone!

so, whoever says tokyo is expensive

i can only laugh….

have you met….HAKONE???????  *playing horror movie theme song*


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