check places

so here are the list of city in Indonesia i have been visited

1. jakarta (doh,,i live here)

2. bandung (doh,,,i study here)

3. sumedang (study here)

3. indramayu (work here)

4. tangerang/ banten

5. cirebon


7. jogjakarta

8. surabaya

9. semarang

10. karimun jawa

11. riau

12. kepulauan riau

13. balikpapan

14. samarinda

15. derawan island

16. manado

17. bunaken island

18. makasar

19. sorong

20. raja ampat

21. bali

and here are the list of foreign countries:

1. singapore

2. malaysia

3. thailand

4. philippines

5. japan

6. china

7. korea

8. UK

9. germany

10. austria/vienna

11. czech/praque

12. bratislava


14. italy

15. vatican


17. belgium

18. netherland

19. switzerland

proudly, i could say that i’m a true Indonesian lover because i have already visited 5 big island in Indonesia. pat my self

the main reason why i travel a lot, well…thanks to my parent

my dad is a travel junkie

our family always travel together at least once every year, either we went to somewhere far or as close as Bandung.

even now, he still travel with me or my mom. He loves diving. He loves hiking.  very active, yes.

He taught me the pleasure of  travel, the moment where we can meet new people, new places, new situation. Out of your comfort zone.

i love travelling

and damn.. i can read map very very well.

so, hopefully 1 day i could write all the story from the cities and countries that i have been visited.

as my age grow, my memory fades

i should write it down somewhere, or else i might forget about all the good and excited of the trips



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