hunt ryokan in hakone part2

due to my 1st choice ichinoyu honkan was already full booked, i must find a new one

my first attempt was to find the sama ichinoyu group but different location

1. Ichinoyu shinkan

cheap. private onsen in room. halfboard (you get breakfast and dinner in the hotel). not so pretty onsen, almost like ‘bak mandi’ in indonesia. location is quite far.

2.shinanoki ichinoyu

not very cheap but still price wise. private onsen and beautiful one with stone style. halfboard but, the review from the other was not very good about the dinner. location is far from main attraction in hakone but near from gotemba premium outlet. premium sushi yummm

3. hana no yado

expensive. super beautiful private onsen. not only halfboard but gorgeous kaiseki and we can eat in our room! Location is so-so.

after discussing all night, we decide that we would spend 1 night in hana no yado and 1 night in ichinoyu shinkan. well. because i do not know for sure whether the ryokan will provide the same dinner every night or not, and also because actually i want to have 2 night in hana no yado but the price aaaahhhhhh. Can not afford T.T

and then the drama began

suddenly we can not used the credircard. try 3 different card. anz, bca, and niaga.

call 3 different service center and ask for the problem and we still get stucked

and anz…you give us no help all. I know you are sleeping from your voice and when we ask for the explanation, he gave me answer that was so unresponsible. anz ‘our service is not functional right now, it will be fix at 5 am’

me ‘so there is nothing you can help?”

anz ‘no.”

in contrast when i called niaga, the man behind the phone gave us the most attentive answer and tried to help us with his best effort

i am a doctor and i know how it feels when you can not sleep at night because of another people call. even worst, i muss work 24 hour and sometimes the patient can not seem to understand that i was so tired. But, hey! Please respect another people no matter which position you are in. the doctor. the patient. the caller or the service center.

3.28 a.m

i should stop this rant and go to sleep

morning world


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