willer express bus

yeay finally booked the night bus!

i choose to use night bus from tokyo-kyoto and osaka-kyoto by using wiler express bus. They offfer different type of bus from the most luxury to the cheap one, and we decide to try them both.

why do i choose night bus?

  1. shinkansen is so expensive and jrailway ticket for 7 day is also expensive. it is a lot more cheaper to use the bus
  2. night bus = no need to pay additional charge for hotel

even better, willer express offering a 3 day ticket (japan bus pass), that you can use 3 non consecutive day during 1 month stay in japan, and we can choose whatever route for only 10000 yen

for comparison, 1 ticket bus tokyo-kyoto using standart type of bus cost about 4500-5000 yen, damn right, good deal eh?


for more information please click the link

unfortunately i dont use this pass, because the route i already choose is not compatible with the bus route. I almost change the route, adding takayama, so i can use the ticket from tokyo-kyoto, osaka-takayama, takayama-tokyo

takayama, the northen alp of japan, with the beautiful open air museum, that old house that look similiar like when we are playing onimusha game, tempating indeed.

but….after rebudgeting and considering everything i stick to the original plan.

takayama T.T better keep it for the next trip


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