my bleaching experience 1

since about 3 years ago, i start to dye my hair regularly, mainly the color is ash brown or every color with yellowish basic color

then, out of nowhere i just had this sudden urge to bleach my hair. 0_0

although my hair is thin, they can survived chemical process such as hair coloring and perm, so why not try bleach?

stupid me.


this is my hair color before the bleach, more like dark ash brown color


i choose to dye my hair in onepiece salon kelapa gading with kyosuke-san, i hard this month he will quit one piece and later will open his own salon. good luck kyosuke san!


after the bleach, send this photo to my mom, and she FREAK OUT. LOL.


after the coloring process

super duper in LOVE with this hair, the color is perfect, the gradation is gorgeous, everything is dream comes true. So proud with the color, it is sooooooo pretty!!!!


front look, kyosuke san even hairstyle my hair little bit, i bet even him is proud with the result 🙂


after the week, the color is still gorgeous


after a month, as you can the color start to fade out, my hair is so fragile and easy to break. it also start to have split end. everytime i wash my hair, it starts to bleed a  red color, or red tears? 


after a few month, it already lost all the red color and look similiar to the after bleaching and before the coloring process. want to dye it, but somehow i am afraid the state of my hair can not handle it. So, i endure it as best as i can. As you can see the bottom of my hair is so dry T.T

dye-ing a hair may make your hair  die-ing. But bleach, it WILL make your hair DIE-ing

i totally not recommend bleaching for people with fine thin  hair like mine, it damaged my hair so much.

but…do i learn by mistake?

no. I bleach it again.

will write it in the next post


3 thoughts on “my bleaching experience 1

  1. Chin up. You can get a demi-permanent tint (meaning it only deposits color) over the pre-lightened sections of your hair without doing any further damage. In preparation of that, I would recommend doing some reconstructing treatments. (My fave is Nexxus’s Polymeric Emergency Treatment.) This will improve the elasticity of your hair and level out the porosity. Putting some strength back in your hair will help your next color last longer.

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