ittaherl the new “it” shoes in jakarta

online shop is really on strike in instagram users in Jakarta, and ittaherl is one of them.

ittaherl is a shoes brand who comes from Bandung, it was founded in 2012 and recently the popularity is booming. Every time they release new edition, in 30-60 minutes it was sold out.


yesterday they join the encore bazaar in PIK, and every girl in town changed into hunter mode. Luckily, my friend is ittaherl greatest fans and she is excited to go there, I really really want to try their shoes but, it is so hard to get! I ask her, will you buy 1 for me? i will pay for it later. and she say yes. *halleluyaaah*

to avoid the chaos from all the girl that already changed to hunter mode, ittaherl set the rules:

1. Number for queuing will be distributed on 9 a.m in front of the entrance

2. Number will only be given to those who are queuing, so nobody can “nitip tempat”

3. you can only buy 5 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of clip

4. there will be only 15 minutes for 5 people for each group. after that change to new group

5. there will be only 200 number to be given

and they already give you sneak peak what type of shoes will be sell for the next day, so you can aim from the night.

i fall in love with this one. Lesley white black. simple but so…cute!


this friend of mine, she went to PIK on saturday. She queuing from 5 a.m. Fyi, the bazaar open at 10 am, and she got number 30!!!! HOLYCRAP! it was crazy! Rumor said, number 1 already queuing from 1 am. wtf.

and jreeeeeng

on afternoon she sent me this picture


YESSSSS!!!! She found it!!!! Bring my love to me, please


my review:

1. It was sooooo comfy!!!!! I wear it for this whole day, and no blister, no pain, everything was perfect!

2. The looks is just my taste, simple, cute and versatile. I will definitely wear this shoes to Japan 🙂

3. The price was actually quite expensive, but with this kind of quality, i think it deserved that price.

i totally recommend you to buy this baby and adopt it in your shoes rack. They are loveable and super comfortable. The best part is they 100% made in Indonesia. Proud of you Ittaherl, maybe one day they will become the next choos. GBU ittaherl!


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