the hair journey 2

continue from the last post,

after the 1st bleaching tragedy, i still continue to dye my hair, back to ash tone color tone


the dark color manage to make my hair looks more healthier although there is nothing good happen to my hair. The condition is still the same, breaking, split end, dried hair. but! The dark color seems to overshadow them

then. my wedding day was on the corner, and i really want to make hair looks extra special and gorgeous. At first i want to bleach all the hair, kyosuke san kindly tell me ‘No, your hair is too damaged to be bleached, i dont want your hair to fall out and break on your wedding day, if you really want to bleach, i suggest highlight. and i suggest you to cut your hair short after the wedding, your hair is dead”

break my heart. Yes, i know my hair is damaged but dead? RIP dear hair. T.T

but yeah i still want bleach. SO i did it LOL and choose lavender ash color. i dont know what is in my mind, how could i choose lavender for my wedding hair. i just dont know. sigh.


well the color turn out great. I really really like that subtle hint of soft lavender in my hair


but…the end part of my hair was so dry T.T thanks God they still looks gorgeous


after the wedding, the lavender color starts to fade out, and change to ash brown. As you can see from the back, my hair is literally dead. no shine. very ugly. Time to chop them off.

for months after the wedding, i keep goes back and front back and front. Cut no cut. Short  or Long hair. I had bitter experience with short hair, well during my high school my hair is short and damn i looks ugly LOL


hah! disaster!

never had short hair again after that.

but because my hair is so dry and the ends keep breaking, i have no choice. Finally, i gather my courage, go to one piece hair salon and ask kyosuke san to cut my hair short. Thanks God in his resume in one piece website, they say his specialities is short hair. I believe my hair is in his good hands.


the result is magnificent, can not ask for more. Never thought that i looks good on short hair.

Do i miss my long hair? Yes absolutely. But short hair fit me nicely.

today, i still growing my hair, and try to dye them not so often.

and maybe another bleach someday? LOL


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