die familie

Let me introduce you to my family

  1. my father, the explorer and truly B blood type person. You tell him to turn right. He will turn left.
  2. my mother, the 100% mother/housewife type. She know she should go to the left, but because everyone go to the right, she will turn right. The one with blinking problem
  3. My brother. Lived in German, the type who always whine first but in the end he will do it
  4. Me, the little sister, and the last child.
  5. My sister in law. No, she is no bule, she is Indonesian with a little bit Netherland blood. The artistic one in the family.
  6. My husband, the one who always do everything for me,…when he remember. Easy to get lost. Forgetful. but dependable.

my brother went to Scotland for the Master degree


posing in front of edinburgh castle


at herriot watt uni. The weird thing, when you rarely meet each other, the relationship turn out to be better. That is me and my brother.

and now my brother and my sister in law live in Hamburg, Germany

since then our family rarely taking pic in full team. Doh. We even rarely met each other -___-


so, here are we in full team, it is hard to get the 6 of us in one frame 🙂

The Abbey's western facade

it was funny! The dark side in the left and the light side in the right.

hopefully, this august we can have family reunion. GBU God bless us. Amen.


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