samarinda the ghost city

from balikpapan, i have 1 day trip to Samarinda. Samarinda almost similiar to Bandung to Jakarta people. Samarinda have river and mountain, in contrast Balikpapan has sea.

i dont have many time in Samarinda then, i only have enough time to choose 1 place to visit.

desa budaya pampang, is very interesting, but they only have show on sunday or saturday, for the rest of the day there is nothing much you can do there.

so, i prefer to visit mulawarman museum in Tenggarong

i always have this special interest to any of historical thing,  yeah i am a history geek, and Samarinda as a center of Kutai Kingdom, one of the eldest Kingdom in Indonesia seems fun to me.

from Samarinda, we cross the famous mahakam lake, with ferry!


A lot review from netizen said that mahakam lake is not pretty, dirty etc. But, the Mahakam Lake that i meet is actually very pretty. The lake is clean and full of live. not like any lake in Jakarta dooh.

then, we visit the Mulawarman Museum, this museum used to be palace from Kutai, but unfortunately just like other museum in Indonesia, this museum is not well developed, the government seems do not pay any attention to the future of this precious museum. The building itself is pretty though



when, i arrived there, there is heavy rain in Tenggarong for about 1 hour, and the result? Flood inside the museum. Power shut down. No light. So, using my mobilephone as flashlight i start to explore the museum.


The museum actually have many unique collection, but as i say before, the collection are not well displayed, or maybe that is because there is no light during my visit there? or maybe because of the “local flood” ?

then, the creepy part start here. As i say before, there is no light here so i can not see very well, apparently there is basement inside the museum that displaying old china urn. We go down. Almost there is no light, Only a little light from the small window. The moistness in the air makes everything worse.

In those basement, i just feels like this is not a good place. no, i dont see or hear anything. Just my instinct.

so we decided to leave hahahaha as fast as possible

later, i found out that basement is one of the location for ‘uji nyali’, that kind of tv show who visited haunted place.

I guess my instinct is right then? HAHAHAHAHAHA. damn. Luckily i dont hear or meet anything there.

after that, we decided to go back to samarinda.

in the Ferry our driver told us about the kumala island.

Kumala island, is an island located in the middle of Mahakam river, inside you can found many attraction and resort. Almost like TMII.  Many travel website about Samarinda recommend people to visit it.


the driver told us, that after the tenggarong bridge collapse, nobody want to visit the kumala island anymore. And the ghost stories keep spreading, just the right spice to make people avoided it.

From tenggarong you can see the boat and the dock that will bring people to the island, but no one exist in that dock. The kumala island itself, is actually well developed and looks pretty from afar, but you can see that there is no activity inside the island. Ghost island  huh?


i just dont like this kind of travelling!

okay 1 fun fact

between road that connecting balikpapan and samarinda, there is 1 popular spot for eating and also used as resting area for all the tired driver. What is the main popular dish? TAHU SUMEDANG!


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