mister donut

Mister donut, the famous donut chain from Japan, has arrived in Indonesia and had a crazy debut here. All my friend talk about how famous and  yummy this  donut, and as expected people made a very long line to taste the donut.

During the grand opening, for about 1 week they give promotion buy 6 get 6 free. But the queuing is crazy, so i prefer to come after 1 week , to found out……..that they give another promotion hahahaha

but this time you must use bca cc, they give out promotion until 31 May, for you who have bca cc use this priviledge please!

lucky me, in monday the queuing is not very long and i can spend a lot of time to decide which donut to buy


the 3 donut in the back that look like ring is the mochido, mochi donut, their most famous donut. They have several variant, choco crispy, tiramisu, strawberry, matcha, and honey. The texture is chewy and not very sweet! Perfect for my taste. Compare to the other famous brand like dunkin donut, jco, and crispy creme, mister donut taste less sweet. Thats why for people who dislike super sweet dessert, this one taste like heaven!

and the chewyness…yumm…just like eating a mochi? Soooo delicious!

The next day, i was addicted for the chewiness and decided to buy another one LOL. But this time, the line is mad! I wait for about 1/2 hour to buy mine.


the choco one in the right back, the old fashion donut, taste very unique! If mochido is a mix from mochi and donut, then old fashion donut taste like a mix of donut and chiffon cake. YUMMY!

Do i love this donut?

come on, do you need to ask?

yes i absolutely adores misterdonut 🙂


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