one piece central park 40% promo

good news for me, who routinely cut my hair in one piece hair studio, apparently onepiece central park give 40% discount for all services starting from may 27 for 1 week, for celebrating their grand reopening.

so, this evening i decided to have hair treatment there. As usual, i called before and make a reservation at 4 pm

i thought they have been moved to L2, but not, they still in the LG floor. Grand reopening promo huh? Got a little confused here but as long as they still give the promo, i dont mind.

then, i greet the receptionist, and ask about my appointment. Surprise surprise. She said they dont have appointment by my name. First time ever this kind of mistake happen to me in onepiece. Still okay. Not angry.

Then, i ask about the differences between the standart, japanese, root and crystal treatment. This lady receptionist, answer randomly to all my question, and she always said the same thing, crytsal treatment is the best. F#ck! Of course by the price alone i can see that crystal treatment is the best but she can not explain what is crystal treatment.

when i ask the price after the discount, she used the calculator and still gave me the wrong number


i have never go to onepiece central park but never thought that their service is so bad. Onepiece kelapa gading is much much better!

Finally due to my irritation to the receptionist, i just choose another treatment, as long as that is not crystal treatment. Bah! I chooce the root one. Then, i met the stylish and i ask the same question ‘what is the differences between each treatment’

the stylish can answer my question perfectly, and give me clear answers. Crystal treatment is better because they use some kind of machine that allow the hairmask to be better absorbed into your hair. The root treatment good for one with root problem. Japanesse treatment good for one with damaged hair but they dont give any treatment for root.

because my hair is soooo dried, i choose the japanesse treatment. First they give your hair some kind of vitamin. wash it. then give the hair mask. both hair product is shiseido.

after that they use this machine. for quick dry maybe?


the result?


obviously, my hair is much smoother! more shiny and smells good! I can not even dare to post my prehair because it is so dried T.T but after the treatment my hair suddenly feels so smooth. Yes, i feel very happy with the result despite of what happen with the clueless receptionist.


my hair must be happy right now LOL lucky you


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