my hair journey again

this monday, i will fly to Japan! I’m getting very very anxious because i love japan too much and i just cant wait to go there

then i just decided, my hair need makeover!


the old hair is actually not that bad, but the black roots start to show up and please,,, there is no way my dark root will show up in my japan picture

this time i use my favorite hair dye. LIESE!


buy this one in Singapore


the color is natural ( they provide many optional color compare to schwarzkopf)  , the smell is tolerable, and guess what, many other type of hair dye can make your hair super dry, but not this one.


foam is always the right choice when you dont want anything goes wrong with the hair. This time i simply can not tolerate any kind of mistake.

the foam is the best one for beginner! It is so EASY to use! I really recommended people who never dye their hair before to use this.

and here is the final result



before and after. not much different huh? well at least the dark root disappear.


the truth is, i dont want to cut my hair, i love my length and the model. But then again, i plan to cut them in August before i fly to Germany. BUT! One piece KG give 20% disc to cutting. So?

i cut. of course.

price do matter you know.


because kyosuke was leaving, i cut my hair with Akina san. She is so nice and friendly. But her bahasa is not as fluent as kyosuke san.

my lowest part of the hair is damaged due to bleaching,and you can see it in the previous pic that the bottom of my hair had different color. So this time, i want to cut the hair shorter to get a rid all the ex-bleached hair.


the result…



posed innocently LOL


compared to the last hair cut, this time it was shorter and Akina san add more layer.

The hair looks awesome with curling iron but when all the magic vanish? the old one is better

seriously short hair DO need much more help from curling iron or hairdryer.  But the positive side i can saving a lot of money i burn into buying hair product, shampoo, condtioner, hair mask, hair spray, hair serum, bla bla bla.

So yeahhh

i love my short hair!


the last day in derawan

after we travel around all the islands, at the night we were really exhausted.

thx God our resort had hot water, all that sore muscle wash away but hot water. Best feeling ever.

our guide promised us that he will call us when there is turtle that coming to the beach to laying it eggs. The 1st night there was no call at all, and for the 2nd night we really2 pray he will call us.

Then, about 10 pm, the phone rings. There is turtle in the beach! ASAP we changed our clothes, meet with the guide and head to the part of the beach where the turtle laying.

by the time we arrived the turtle was already finished laying her eggs but still on the process to cover her eggs.


we are the first guest to arrive there. so we have many time to chat with the officer. The guide said, that a turtle is very careful to choose the right place to lay their eggs. If they see people, or hear sound, or see the light, then they will returned back to the sea.

that is why, they only call us, guest, when the turtle already start to lay her eggs. Because one they start, they dont stop LOL

every night, the officer will do patrol to observe whether there is a turtle coming to the island, Then they will mark the location and measure the turtle. They also have to make sure no human will take the turtle eggs. Again, human huh? After the turtle leave, they will take the eggs and move it to a safer place.

then the other guests start to show of one by one, chat and smoking.

seriously people? You act like a nature lover and yet you smoke?  Smoke? that not only can do harm to your body but also to other man’s body and polluted the fresh air in derawan?

after covering the nest, the turtle start to do sand bath in very slow move. Many guest start to lose their patient, they try  to move the turtle by forced!!!!

damn human

luckily there are still some insane guest and the officer who yell at that guests. And finally they release the poor turtle T.T

after half and hour the turtle finally head to the sea. AND BOOOM!

the turtle start to move very fast!!!

every guest try to take their best picture with the turtle as fast as possible and it became quite chaotic actually LOL

lucky me, i got 1 decent picture.


then the super speed turtle head to the sea and start to errr… maybe running from us human?

bye turtle!

morning come and this time our turn to come to where we came, in my case, Jakarta. The super crowded hectic but beloved city.

the beach. So freaking beautiful!!


miss the beach already


then we take the speed boat.


bye derawan!


such a beautiful island. Hopefully the next time i come here, they will become much more beautiful.


oh! and by the way, during our time in the speed boat, it start to rain again.  We hold the ‘terpal’ by our lives to protect the luggage.

The luggage? Safe. The people? Not very dry but still safe.  LOL

lake kakaban, heaven for jellyfish

kakaban is the main attraction for derawan. The main item that make derawan very special.


because in kakaban you can swim in the middle of thousand STINGLESS jellyfish! There are 2 places in world, 1 in kakaban and 1 in palau. Palau has 2 type of jellyfish, but kakaban has 4 type! Make kakaban even more special, right?


from the dock, you need to climb a wood stair that can become quite slippery. The lake is hidden behind.


lucky me, when i arrive the other visitor is leaving, so only me and my family is in the lake.


There are so many jellyfish on the lake! You dont even need to swim to play with the jellyfish.


we really enjoy our time there, sitting in the pier, enjoying the sun, the lake, the fish, the jellyfish, the mangrove plants. Everything is perfect.


apparently the jellyfish has evolved to more friendly due to lack of predators in the lake that basicly trap in the middle of the sea.


actually there is room for changing clothes but the facility is not well taken care and looks quite creepy from outside.

and they sold delicious coconut in the deck! enjoy!

sangalaki island, the heaven for green sea turtle

Sangalaki island! The water is very clear almost like mirror.



There are no local residents here. But they have few resort for visitor. The island is very quiet and calm. With only a few people wander around.

Almost like my own private island -_____- so peaceful


Sangalaki basicly is conservation area for the turtle.


In this island, many green turtles lay their eggs. Therefore you can find newly hatched green sea turtles here. So cute! The conservation officer will kindly told you all the stories about the green turtles and the island. without asking for any money or donation, well.. a few place that i have been visited before sometimes do this kind of annoying thing. But not with people in this island. 🙂 they are very nice! i ask questions A LOT! and they patiently answer all the question. Super nice! LOL

they told me about the baby turtles.

this baby may be small and looks fragile but they have their super baby instinct to help them survived. Instinctively, they will head into the sea.

so… i do the experiment

first try. i try to put the baby turtles in direction of forest.


no movement at all.


it looks confused.


still looks cute though

2nd try, put the baby in direction of sea


it move like a marathon runner!!! with their small flipper it move vigorously towards the sea!


so fast!


so cool!


although this seems awesome, actually this is the most dangerous time of their lives because many predators  can feed on them easily. And even they reach the water, only 1% of them will come back to this island to lay their eggs. Which mean the rest of them is dead T.T

The green sea turtles already listed as endangered animals. Please stop eat sea turtles and their eggs please. They have enough predators in the sea, and we human are their worst enemy.

maratua island, the 2face heaven

after spending a night in derawan, early morning we travel by speed boat to islands near derawan.

the cloud is dark, and i  knew its gonna be rain, but i dont know it will pouring heavily. The speedboat is small and the ‘terpal’ roof can barely protect us from the rain. the result? I drenched from up to leg, inside and outside. And the wind…made everything worst. So freaking cold!

Thanks God when i reach maratua island. the rain is stop and the sun is shining very brightly 😀

like all the normal tourist rute, the local guide took us to maratua paradise resort, the most elite one. 1 night each person cost for about 500-600 thousand rupiah! They even provide direct ship from berau through the river to maratua, for apprx 2 million rupiah. Damn comfy! No need to go through the suffering in the road!

the good thing about this resort? i can use the toilet free! LOL. Good option after drenched by the rain.

nothing caught my interest here. Elite water villa. Beautiful crowded beach. Naaah! Boooring!


after about half an hour, our guide took us to the other side of the maratua. Where the local inhabitant reside. This is the moment when everything become fun!

in this maratua, the guide ask the locals to provide us lunch in box, and the funny thing when i was about to payed, i asked about the price. And the seller said ” it cost for..maybe… 25 thousand or 20 thousand? Up to you”


so cute and kind

sooo niceeee!!!!

of course i pay 25 thousand, but their kindness is so sweet right?

in this island, locals provide home stay for the tourist and the price is very cheap. But in contrast to derawan island which have better facilities and signal. This side of Maratua dont have many facilities, even we can not find new sandal for my mom.

and the signal? very bad

they provide one wooden box in every home, claim that only in this box you will get signal. Many youngster prefer to go to the dock and use their cellular there, for..err..calling their lover? yeah, the dock is full of love.



Maratua also famous for the green turtles. You can even see the turtles swimming freely near the dock. No need to dive!


one of the elder there said to me, that 50 years ago, like hundreds of turtles come every night and nesting in the beach. But now? Due to us, human, who love to eat their eggs and meats, now only 5-10 turtles come to the beach. So sad T.T

promise to myself, never eat turtle egg and meat anymore!


derawan islands the heaven in Kalimantan

yeay finaaly have time to write this one

from balikpapan i flew to tanjung batu, berau.


this airport, is literally located in middle of no where but everything is so good, so clean compared to soekarno hatta airport in jakarta. Well done Berau goverment!

when our plane landing, i can already see that most of the people flew to Berau is in holiday mode. tongsis. backpack. camera. all the touristy thing.

include me LOL

from berau we must travel by car for about 3 hour to go to the port. The journey is basicly going across a mountain, so no toilet there. For ladies, brave yourself before it.

for me? i prefer to gulp a single tablet of antimo or other sedatives. The perks of being doctor huh? By the time i open my eyes, i already arrived to the port LOL

before we take a boat, me and my parents, we eat at a seafood restaurant near the dock. Not very tasty but yeah fresh fish from the sea could never be wrong.

the toilet in the dock is suprisingly very clean! take a break there and continue the journey, this time by speedboat

for approximately 1 hour, we finally arrived in our resort.


one good thing from travelling with your parent is, the resort is always good! No cheap backpacker resort that i usually take when i travelling with my friends.

the room is clean, the ac is good, there is even waterheater! no tv but come on who needs tv when you have this kind of view in front of your room?


that day, we use it to explore the derawan island. Enjoying the saucer shaped coconut.


diving near our resort.


the sunset is sooo pretty!



all is good all is good

bubur ayam mangga besar

bubur ayam mangga besar, is one of the legendary chicken porridge in Jakarta. Located in mangga besar area that famous for the ‘night entertainment’, you can find many delicious authentic chinese food here. Just be extra careful when you, ladies, that travelling alone in this area, okay.

the restaurant is not fancy, but clean and comfy enough. They also work very fast. In few minutes your order is ready to served. But due to the crowded sometimes you must shared table with stranger.


you can choose between fish or chicken porridge. duh. The name is bubur AYAM mangga besar, of course i choose chicken porridge . Then you can choose additional side dish like tofu, egg, intestine, chicken hainam, and cakwe.

back to the porridge


i always thought that porridge is porridge, how amazing it could be? FYI i am not a great fan of rice. Rice is rice, nothing special. So do the porridge. Porridge is  ONLY a watery version of rice right?

no. I am wrong.

i think it is due to the chicken stock, maybe they use the super good quality kampung chicken or whatever their secret is, but yeah the porridge tastes good. You can taste the heavenly savory taste of the chicken stock in the porridge.


the additional side dish tastes good but the one i totally recommended is the TOFU

the tofu is soooo gooood! The texture is firm but soft in your tongue. The sweet soy sauce marinated and seeped into the tofu. For me, the best dish in the night is the tofu. I DO love tofu LOL

in conclusion, i do totally recommended this porridge restaurant. Taste very good and the price is so-so.  Please remember the opening hour are from 10.30-14.30 and 17.00-00.30.



secret tips, you can ask for extra raw egg for the porridge, extra cholesterol and protein for your body will make your porridge taste even better!