bubur ayam mangga besar

bubur ayam mangga besar, is one of the legendary chicken porridge in Jakarta. Located in mangga besar area that famous for the ‘night entertainment’, you can find many delicious authentic chinese food here. Just be extra careful when you, ladies, that travelling alone in this area, okay.

the restaurant is not fancy, but clean and comfy enough. They also work very fast. In few minutes your order is ready to served. But due to the crowded sometimes you must shared table with stranger.


you can choose between fish or chicken porridge. duh. The name is bubur AYAM mangga besar, of course i choose chicken porridge . Then you can choose additional side dish like tofu, egg, intestine, chicken hainam, and cakwe.

back to the porridge


i always thought that porridge is porridge, how amazing it could be? FYI i am not a great fan of rice. Rice is rice, nothing special. So do the porridge. Porridge is  ONLY a watery version of rice right?

no. I am wrong.

i think it is due to the chicken stock, maybe they use the super good quality kampung chicken or whatever their secret is, but yeah the porridge tastes good. You can taste the heavenly savory taste of the chicken stock in the porridge.


the additional side dish tastes good but the one i totally recommended is the TOFU

the tofu is soooo gooood! The texture is firm but soft in your tongue. The sweet soy sauce marinated and seeped into the tofu. For me, the best dish in the night is the tofu. I DO love tofu LOL

in conclusion, i do totally recommended this porridge restaurant. Taste very good and the price is so-so.  Please remember the opening hour are from 10.30-14.30 and 17.00-00.30.



secret tips, you can ask for extra raw egg for the porridge, extra cholesterol and protein for your body will make your porridge taste even better!



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