derawan islands the heaven in Kalimantan

yeay finaaly have time to write this one

from balikpapan i flew to tanjung batu, berau.


this airport, is literally located in middle of no where but everything is so good, so clean compared to soekarno hatta airport in jakarta. Well done Berau goverment!

when our plane landing, i can already see that most of the people flew to Berau is in holiday mode. tongsis. backpack. camera. all the touristy thing.

include me LOL

from berau we must travel by car for about 3 hour to go to the port. The journey is basicly going across a mountain, so no toilet there. For ladies, brave yourself before it.

for me? i prefer to gulp a single tablet of antimo or other sedatives. The perks of being doctor huh? By the time i open my eyes, i already arrived to the port LOL

before we take a boat, me and my parents, we eat at a seafood restaurant near the dock. Not very tasty but yeah fresh fish from the sea could never be wrong.

the toilet in the dock is suprisingly very clean! take a break there and continue the journey, this time by speedboat

for approximately 1 hour, we finally arrived in our resort.


one good thing from travelling with your parent is, the resort is always good! No cheap backpacker resort that i usually take when i travelling with my friends.

the room is clean, the ac is good, there is even waterheater! no tv but come on who needs tv when you have this kind of view in front of your room?


that day, we use it to explore the derawan island. Enjoying the saucer shaped coconut.


diving near our resort.


the sunset is sooo pretty!



all is good all is good


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