maratua island, the 2face heaven

after spending a night in derawan, early morning we travel by speed boat to islands near derawan.

the cloud is dark, and i  knew its gonna be rain, but i dont know it will pouring heavily. The speedboat is small and the ‘terpal’ roof can barely protect us from the rain. the result? I drenched from up to leg, inside and outside. And the wind…made everything worst. So freaking cold!

Thanks God when i reach maratua island. the rain is stop and the sun is shining very brightly 😀

like all the normal tourist rute, the local guide took us to maratua paradise resort, the most elite one. 1 night each person cost for about 500-600 thousand rupiah! They even provide direct ship from berau through the river to maratua, for apprx 2 million rupiah. Damn comfy! No need to go through the suffering in the road!

the good thing about this resort? i can use the toilet free! LOL. Good option after drenched by the rain.

nothing caught my interest here. Elite water villa. Beautiful crowded beach. Naaah! Boooring!


after about half an hour, our guide took us to the other side of the maratua. Where the local inhabitant reside. This is the moment when everything become fun!

in this maratua, the guide ask the locals to provide us lunch in box, and the funny thing when i was about to payed, i asked about the price. And the seller said ” it cost for..maybe… 25 thousand or 20 thousand? Up to you”


so cute and kind

sooo niceeee!!!!

of course i pay 25 thousand, but their kindness is so sweet right?

in this island, locals provide home stay for the tourist and the price is very cheap. But in contrast to derawan island which have better facilities and signal. This side of Maratua dont have many facilities, even we can not find new sandal for my mom.

and the signal? very bad

they provide one wooden box in every home, claim that only in this box you will get signal. Many youngster prefer to go to the dock and use their cellular there, for..err..calling their lover? yeah, the dock is full of love.



Maratua also famous for the green turtles. You can even see the turtles swimming freely near the dock. No need to dive!


one of the elder there said to me, that 50 years ago, like hundreds of turtles come every night and nesting in the beach. But now? Due to us, human, who love to eat their eggs and meats, now only 5-10 turtles come to the beach. So sad T.T

promise to myself, never eat turtle egg and meat anymore!



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