sangalaki island, the heaven for green sea turtle

Sangalaki island! The water is very clear almost like mirror.



There are no local residents here. But they have few resort for visitor. The island is very quiet and calm. With only a few people wander around.

Almost like my own private island -_____- so peaceful


Sangalaki basicly is conservation area for the turtle.


In this island, many green turtles lay their eggs. Therefore you can find newly hatched green sea turtles here. So cute! The conservation officer will kindly told you all the stories about the green turtles and the island. without asking for any money or donation, well.. a few place that i have been visited before sometimes do this kind of annoying thing. But not with people in this island. 🙂 they are very nice! i ask questions A LOT! and they patiently answer all the question. Super nice! LOL

they told me about the baby turtles.

this baby may be small and looks fragile but they have their super baby instinct to help them survived. Instinctively, they will head into the sea.

so… i do the experiment

first try. i try to put the baby turtles in direction of forest.


no movement at all.


it looks confused.


still looks cute though

2nd try, put the baby in direction of sea


it move like a marathon runner!!! with their small flipper it move vigorously towards the sea!


so fast!


so cool!


although this seems awesome, actually this is the most dangerous time of their lives because many predators  can feed on them easily. And even they reach the water, only 1% of them will come back to this island to lay their eggs. Which mean the rest of them is dead T.T

The green sea turtles already listed as endangered animals. Please stop eat sea turtles and their eggs please. They have enough predators in the sea, and we human are their worst enemy.


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