lake kakaban, heaven for jellyfish

kakaban is the main attraction for derawan. The main item that make derawan very special.


because in kakaban you can swim in the middle of thousand STINGLESS jellyfish! There are 2 places in world, 1 in kakaban and 1 in palau. Palau has 2 type of jellyfish, but kakaban has 4 type! Make kakaban even more special, right?


from the dock, you need to climb a wood stair that can become quite slippery. The lake is hidden behind.


lucky me, when i arrive the other visitor is leaving, so only me and my family is in the lake.


There are so many jellyfish on the lake! You dont even need to swim to play with the jellyfish.


we really enjoy our time there, sitting in the pier, enjoying the sun, the lake, the fish, the jellyfish, the mangrove plants. Everything is perfect.


apparently the jellyfish has evolved to more friendly due to lack of predators in the lake that basicly trap in the middle of the sea.


actually there is room for changing clothes but the facility is not well taken care and looks quite creepy from outside.

and they sold delicious coconut in the deck! enjoy!


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