the last day in derawan

after we travel around all the islands, at the night we were really exhausted.

thx God our resort had hot water, all that sore muscle wash away but hot water. Best feeling ever.

our guide promised us that he will call us when there is turtle that coming to the beach to laying it eggs. The 1st night there was no call at all, and for the 2nd night we really2 pray he will call us.

Then, about 10 pm, the phone rings. There is turtle in the beach! ASAP we changed our clothes, meet with the guide and head to the part of the beach where the turtle laying.

by the time we arrived the turtle was already finished laying her eggs but still on the process to cover her eggs.


we are the first guest to arrive there. so we have many time to chat with the officer. The guide said, that a turtle is very careful to choose the right place to lay their eggs. If they see people, or hear sound, or see the light, then they will returned back to the sea.

that is why, they only call us, guest, when the turtle already start to lay her eggs. Because one they start, they dont stop LOL

every night, the officer will do patrol to observe whether there is a turtle coming to the island, Then they will mark the location and measure the turtle. They also have to make sure no human will take the turtle eggs. Again, human huh? After the turtle leave, they will take the eggs and move it to a safer place.

then the other guests start to show of one by one, chat and smoking.

seriously people? You act like a nature lover and yet you smoke?  Smoke? that not only can do harm to your body but also to other man’s body and polluted the fresh air in derawan?

after covering the nest, the turtle start to do sand bath in very slow move. Many guest start to lose their patient, they try  to move the turtle by forced!!!!

damn human

luckily there are still some insane guest and the officer who yell at that guests. And finally they release the poor turtle T.T

after half and hour the turtle finally head to the sea. AND BOOOM!

the turtle start to move very fast!!!

every guest try to take their best picture with the turtle as fast as possible and it became quite chaotic actually LOL

lucky me, i got 1 decent picture.


then the super speed turtle head to the sea and start to errr… maybe running from us human?

bye turtle!

morning come and this time our turn to come to where we came, in my case, Jakarta. The super crowded hectic but beloved city.

the beach. So freaking beautiful!!


miss the beach already


then we take the speed boat.


bye derawan!


such a beautiful island. Hopefully the next time i come here, they will become much more beautiful.


oh! and by the way, during our time in the speed boat, it start to rain again.  We hold the ‘terpal’ by our lives to protect the luggage.

The luggage? Safe. The people? Not very dry but still safe.  LOL


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