my hair journey again

this monday, i will fly to Japan! I’m getting very very anxious because i love japan too much and i just cant wait to go there

then i just decided, my hair need makeover!


the old hair is actually not that bad, but the black roots start to show up and please,,, there is no way my dark root will show up in my japan picture

this time i use my favorite hair dye. LIESE!


buy this one in Singapore


the color is natural ( they provide many optional color compare to schwarzkopf)  , the smell is tolerable, and guess what, many other type of hair dye can make your hair super dry, but not this one.


foam is always the right choice when you dont want anything goes wrong with the hair. This time i simply can not tolerate any kind of mistake.

the foam is the best one for beginner! It is so EASY to use! I really recommended people who never dye their hair before to use this.

and here is the final result



before and after. not much different huh? well at least the dark root disappear.


the truth is, i dont want to cut my hair, i love my length and the model. But then again, i plan to cut them in August before i fly to Germany. BUT! One piece KG give 20% disc to cutting. So?

i cut. of course.

price do matter you know.


because kyosuke was leaving, i cut my hair with Akina san. She is so nice and friendly. But her bahasa is not as fluent as kyosuke san.

my lowest part of the hair is damaged due to bleaching,and you can see it in the previous pic that the bottom of my hair had different color. So this time, i want to cut the hair shorter to get a rid all the ex-bleached hair.


the result…



posed innocently LOL


compared to the last hair cut, this time it was shorter and Akina san add more layer.

The hair looks awesome with curling iron but when all the magic vanish? the old one is better

seriously short hair DO need much more help from curling iron or hairdryer.  But the positive side i can saving a lot of money i burn into buying hair product, shampoo, condtioner, hair mask, hair spray, hair serum, bla bla bla.

So yeahhh

i love my short hair!


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