japan 2009 vs 2015


So i have returned from Japan

Having a hard time to come back to reality and just have to accept the fact that my holiday is over T.T

JAPAN! Such a beautiful country! I always have a crush on Japan since elementary school, like for 20 years ago? At first i fell in love with the game, manga, anime and then it spread to everything. I love the food, the unique culture, the people, the history, the fashion, well basicly said, Japan is sort of my holyland.

I went to Japan once at 2009. Me and my parent we choose one of many private tour in Indonesia and go with it. Nothing much that i can do during that time. We only go to ginza and asakusa in Tokyo,  and such limited time to enjoy the true Japan.

That’s why this time, when i can finally explore Japan by myself with my own preferences, it is such a joy that i will never ever forget.

Japan in 2009 and 2015 has many differences.

osaka 2009



osaka 2015



Back in 2009 it was hard to speak with Japanesse. They tend to avoid foreigner, and freak out with people who speak English. But now? WOW so many japanesse people can speak english! Even some random people who i met in country side can speak some broken english, and we can still communicate perfectly.

In 2009, there almost no road sign or map in  the street that written in English. I try to used the train and wtf no english. In 2015? All the road sign have english in it. Even the bus have english written inside the bus to let you know which one is the stop you should take.  So, yeah, it is very easy to use public transportation in Japan for foreigner.

In 2015 you can find Wi-Fi, like, almost in every train station and BUS station in kyoto.  I dont understand why people need to rent pocket wifi in japan. Just go to the nearest train station and enjoy your free wifi there. Even some mini mart like Lawson also provided free wifi! Heaven  😀

talking about mini mart, onigiri in mini mart is a MUST try! exceptionally delicious with low prize. The rice, the filling, the nori, even writing about onigiri already make me drooling. SLURP.

Otherwise Japan is still the same, the people is so friendly and helpful. The food is…..HEAVEN! I will post all the delicious food that i ate in Japan, magnificent!

I will come back, again, someday, i dont know, maybe for a far far far time in the future, but i WILL come back again to Japan!


2 thoughts on “japan 2009 vs 2015

    1. in my case i find it amusing to find my way without using online maps. Either i used the offline maps or simply just asking the local people. It made me feel more adventurous 🙂


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