the journey to find the best ramen in Japan


Dring 1990-2000, ramen is not a popular food in Indonesia and i have never tasted ramen that taste above average. Then, in 2005 during my first trip in Japan, i ate the famous kin-ryu ramen. At that moment ramen become one of my favorite food.

unfortunately at that time, it was very hard to find good ramen in Indonesia and then time over time the kin-ryu ramen become surreal. I always told people about how good it tastes, eventhough i can not describe how does it taste. I just remember that it was absolutely tasty!

apprx if my memory is right, in 2012 hakata ikkousha the original brand of ramen from Japan come to Indonesia and open their first outlet in PIK. The line is mad. But the taste is totally worth the waiting time. Then ramen start to booming in Indonesia and many new brand show up. But seriously  nothing can beat the original

thats why, during my research time before went to Japan, i absolutely will eat ramen until i can not eat ramen anymore LOL


on the first day in Japan the first restaurant i went, was of course. Ramen Restaurant!

pick some random ramen based on how crowded people in that store and even now i dont know the name of the restaurant LOL

at that time i have low expectancy, well because, it basicly just some random ramen i found. BUT! I have been mistaken!!!! No ramen in Japan in ordinary!

the first ramen

the restaurant is family business and the owner itself cooks the ramen while the wife ask what kind of ramen we would like to eat. The common thing in ramen restaurant is they use vending machine for ordering, that unfortunately all is in Japanese. Got a little confused here, but the wife was so helpful to help us.

and then we order this one


soup 10/10 tonkotsu based soup always be the best, and this one is no kidding, it tastes so good! the broth is so savory!

noodle 8/10 average size home made noodle

pork 6/10 they give a lot of pork but the pork is quite dry and taste bland

vegetable 8/10 they use horenzo/ japan spinach and nori which i love

the second ramen

the 2nd one we tasted in kyoto. at 10th floor of JR kyoto station, you can find ramen alley, where you can find many ramen from different region of Japan gathering in 1 big places.

had a hard time to decide which ramen to try.

Why do i dont have unlimited money and stomach?

really really want to try all of them


obviously i pick hakata ikkousha 😀 it was part of my obsession to find out what is the different between the hakata ikkousha indonesia and japan.



soup 8/10 tonkotsu based soup, the soup is almost the same with indonesian version but not as thick as indonesia

noodle 9/10 thin type al dente noodle

pork 9/10 waaaaay much better than the indonesian version, and they give more slice of meat!

vegetable 5/10 too much negi/spring onin which actually gives good balance for the strong porky based soup, just too much for my negi limit

also order the karaage, the fried chicken version of Japan. It tastes okay, but in my opinion it tastes almost the same with karaage in seven eleven mart, only the difference is the prize. Sevel is way more cheaper


the third ramen

the 3rd one, still in the same location, we decided to choose ramen todai from tokushima

IMG_6255edit (1)

soup 9/10 tonkotsu + shoyu based soup which have a sweet savory taste, quite different from the broth i usually love, but this one tastes uniquely amazing

noodle 7/10 average sized noodle

pork 9/10 thin slices of pork belly which has been marinated in shoyu

vegetable 10/10 right amount of negi and bamboo shoot

IMG_6255edit (2)

the best thing is you can add raw egg all you can eat! And the raw egg in Japan, seriously dude, you have to try it at least one! The raw egg add more dimension to the milky thick porky broth, and it wont give you salmonella, just like the egg in my country.

the fourth ramen

the 4th one is kinryu ramen osaka, the ramen that i have been wanting for such a loooong time

as usual the line is quite long eventhough it was raining, and here was the kinryu ramen!


soup 7/10  white broth tonkotsu based soup which tastes mild

noodle 4/10  egg noodles, the tastes in the noodle mix with the broth and tastes weird

pork 4/10 only 2 slice of pork which thanks God tastes superb

vegetable 3/10 small spring of onion, and free flow kimchi, garlic and pickles. None of that is interesting for me

i dont know what’s wrong with me. But i guess my tastes bud have changed? Because at 1st time i try it, it tasted heaven. But now? My least favorite ramen in japan.


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