the journey to find the best ramen 2

continue from the last post, here is the rest of my ramen adventure!

the fifth ramen

at that time, i was quite sick of eating ramen, but when we were passing by the juso station, the smell of this ramen somehow managed to change my mind. SO! We decided to have another bowl of ramen and pork rice. Apparently later i found out that sanpomen ramen is one of ramen chain in osaka and famous for the tsukemen (dipping ramen) which unfortunately i didnt try T_T


soup 10/10 tonkotsu based soup, very porky milky rich-broth

noodle 7/10 thick and fat noodle

pork 9/10 there was only 1 sliced of chashu, but big in sized and tender

vegetable 10/10 negi, bamboo shoot/menya, nori and beansprouts, deadly combination for me, i love them!

see? even chain ramen is good in Japan!


the rice pork is the champion! The fat pork is fried and become so crispy and tasty! The egg? Aww come one there will never any egg that taste bad in Japan. Eventhough i was quite full at that time due to eat all that bowl of ramen, this rice pork is hard to resist.

the sixth ramen

i finally arrived in Tokyo, and the first ramen we search is of course the most famous one in Japan, ichiran ramen. Lot of people from Asian who loves tonkotsu ramen recommended ichiran ramen, due to the thick savory pork broth. We decided to visit the branch in shinjuku. At that time, Tokyo was raining hard and we must queuing in middle of the rain for about 1 hour. The funny thing is all the people queuing is foreigner mostly chinese tourist. I guess Ichiran is not that popular among locals huh?


for you Indonesian, dont you think that the sign is quite similiar with ikkudo ramen?


inside, the staff will give you paper to choose what kind of preference you prefer from the flavor strength, soup richness, garlic, green onion, ichiran’s red sauce, noodle texture and sliced pork. I hope at that time i request more of the red sauce



in front of the room, there is a panel that shows which seat is empty. In my case, due to the overcrowded situation, the staff help us to go to our seat.


i really suggested that you orded the egg/tamago!!!! This egg is the best egg i had in Japan. The yolk almost like jelly and tasted like the best yolk i ever tasted. Do you realize how big is the sized of the yolk? This big sized yolk with sprinkle of salt, can make you had that food orgasm sensation!


soup 10/10 tonkotsu based soup, rich and amazing tasted broth

noodle 9/10 thin and firm, just the way i liked it

pork 7/10 one small sized pork/chashu which tasted a little above average

vegetable 6/10 only negi, no other vegetable

in conclusion, ichiran ramen taste amazing especially the egg and the broth. But i didnt think i will ever visit ichiran ramen again if i have to queue for 1 hour. I can find other tonkotsu ramen that taste almost the same but with lesser queuing time.

the seventh ramen

in odaiba, we didnt know what should we eat, because everything is so modern here and nothing can interest me enough. But, because of the rain and the cold, what is better choice other than hot soup of ramen?

in aqua city, there is the ramen city where all the ramen gather, just like the one in Kyoto

i choose the one from Hokkaido because i want to taste the milky miso soup of hokkaido!


soup 7/10 miso base soup with milky tasted and butter, tasted rich but not as savory as tonkotsu soup.

noodle 7/10 average tasted noodle

pork 6/10 one averaged sized chashu which tasted average

vegetable 10/10 the best one, they give tons of fresh vegetables! the corn is sweet. the beansprout and the bamboo shoot tasted amazing. Love it!

the eighth ramen

my husband choose another ramen from hakata, only this time it was dry ramen. But seriously hakata ramen never goes wrong, their umami level is rose above the sky!


soup 10/10 there is a little soup in bottom which tasted very umami and salty but tasted super good when you mix it with the noodle. Just imagine it as concentrated version of tonkotsu soup which of course taste like heaven! And the raw egg mix together with the noodle, only make everything taste even better and better. SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!! BEST ONE!

noodle 7/10 average size noodle

pork 10/10 they give a lot of pork and the pork tasted tender and tasty

vegetable 10/10 they give you option to take free nori, of course i take tons of free nori/seaweed in the bowl. the beansprout tasted okay.

the ninth ramen

this is the last dish i ate in Japan, and of course nothing can beat old style shoyu ramen to end this ramen marathon


soup 8/10 shoyu based soup, not as savory as tonkotsu based but shoyu based soup always give you that warm tasted that make you feel warm. Blah. Maybe i just in my mellow mood due to the fact that my trip is over.

noodle 7/10 average taste. nothing special

pork 8/10 one big tender chasyu with extra egg

vegetable 8/10 sprinkle of negi and menya

If i must say, almost ramen in Japan taste above average compared to ramen restaurant in Indonesia. I encourage you to try all different style of broth Japanese ramen has. Each is unique and have their own advantages that is hard to explain.

side note:

after returning in Indonesia, i ate chinese noodle/ bakmi as usual for breakfast and it tasted bad. T.T noooo maybe my tongue buds has evolved???? Give me back my old tongue buds!!!! How can i survived living outside Japan with this kind of standart T.T this is bad..really really bad!


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