from jakarta to narita to tokyo to nikko (1)

From jakarta i used air asia to reach narita airport which located in Chiba. Quite a far from Tokyo but the ticket to narita is cheaper compared to haneda airport, so yeah, money is the main reason here.

I arrived in narita at 9.00 am after 8 hours flight. Very lethargic, tired and hungry. The first thing i did was find the kaisei bus terminal to book ticket to Tokyo station. The ticket cost 1000 yen and they have many bus that you could basicly book a bus every 10 minute.

Back to stomach business.  Find a nearby conv mart inside airport and bought my 1st onigiri. Seriously. There is something wrong with onigiri in Japan. Onigiri is rice in triangle shape with seaweed and filling as example salmon, plum, tuna, beef meat, fish egg, egg and many more option. They tasted superb!!!! I know it just simple rice with seasoning BUT!!!!!! The taste just super! And cheap! I really2 recommend onigiri for simple and cheap breakfast in Japan.

The duration from narita to tokyo  station is about 1 hour.  Then we must find way to asakusa tobu station travel to nikko. Such a hectic day for day1 after long flight. I know and i dont recommend it. But it paid well when we reach nikko onsen 😀

Tokyo station is wide and huge!!!! I have read before about japan train and basicly it was devided into JR and NonJR. You should buy smartcard to avoid buying ticket everytime you use transportation in Tokyo, SUICA card for JR line and  PASMO card for non JR line

As beginner we took some time to understand how japan train operate. And luckily some friendly lady suddenly approach us and asking do we need her help. Why? Why? Why people here so friendly T.T

With basic and broken english, she tried her best to explain which route we should took to reach asakusa. Thank you!!!  In no time we reach asakusa and go to tobu information centre to buy our 2 day pass to nikko.  The 2 Day Nikko Pass (2670 yen) includes the round trip from Tokyo and unlimited travel on buses in central Nikko and on trains between Nikko and the Kinugawa Onsen area. The pass is valid on two consecutive days. This pass is perfect for me who have no plan to explore oku nikko and only want to enjoy the 4 beautiful and famous temple in central Nikko.


While awaiting for our train, we find nearby ramen restaurant for lunch. Aww seriously there will be no ramen in Japan who doesnt taste good.


Then finally we went waiting in train station, when the train arrived a lot of grandma and grandpa comes to ride in the train. Onsen will be perfect holiday for older people! And me, who was extremely tired for bringing our luggage everywhere. LOL

The unique thing was all the cleaning service was also grandpa and grandma and they say hello to us with politeness and smile.

The duration from asakusa to nikko is about 1 and half hour with 1 transfer in shimo imachi,


The first thing i did in Nikko was buy bento train! Just like every clasic scene in manga, eat bento train is a must!!!


why all bento looks extra cute in Japan?


At that time Nikko was raining hard T.T so yeah it was hard for us to protect the luggage, and the worst part are we missed our stop in sogo kaikan mae and instead stop in wrong stop. Hungry, cold, raining, and lost in Nikko was nightmare. After asking and asking we finally found our bus and this time stop at the right place. The next challenge was find our hotel, the turtle inn nikko. The usual me, are extremely good in reading map and i almost never got lost, but i guess all that tiredness had taken toll to my mind. Took a wrong turn and getting lost again hahahaha And this time it was getting darker, and almost there was no people in that street to ask for the right way.


some random house that look very nice, very japanese looking aaaaa so pretty!

In middle of the street, we found this small temple which surrounded with big trees. Sweet and at the same time remind me of fatal frame temple. Taking a picture then with hurry, i left the temple hahahha i just did not need any other unexpected surprise in this heavy rain.


After left the temple, we met some grandma in the street. My first thought, is she human? But then, i was so tired that i dont care even that she is ghost, as long as she help me found my hotel, then it is okay. The misterious kind grandma say hi to me first while smiling, I show her the map and she explain in body language how to reach the hotel. After that the grandma friendly chit chat with broken english. Seriously? Even old grandma can speak english in Japan?

Apparently, the grandma is human, and very friendly and very very helpful. ANNNDDDD we finally found our hotel T___T

The owner kindly approach us and show our room and give a lot of information about Nikko. Arigatou!


the road behind our hotel looks like this, no wonder i got lost in the beginning


the owner showed us a way to reach nearby convenience stores and local restaurant that sold yuba. Yuba is tofu skin which boiled from soybean. As a descendant of chinese, of course, i have tasted tofu skin before but none of that tasted like this one.

First, we go to the conv mart and buy some snack. what i mean as a snack is this rice with egg and pork, which tasted super delicious.


Something wrong with Japan, how could ordinary conv mart could sell something not ordinary like this?


and a ‘little snack for night


Then, we visit BELL restaurant, the one that our hotel owner recommended to us.



The restaurant was owned buy couple of eldery who was very friendly to us. The dish is cooked by the grandma herself and the coffee was brewed by the grandpa. Such a cute couple.


We choose the yuba set. The famous food of Nikko.


The yuba…was… extraordinary! Hail to the grandma!

Everything is perfect and my favorite is the tempura. The crispyness is the best i ever ate in my entire life. Even tofu skin tasted amazing here in japan, huh.

We end the night with the long awaited luxury that you can only enjoy in Japan, ONSEN! Maybe something in the water the mineral or what, after soaking in onsen, all that muscle pain and tiredness were washed away. Good job onsen!



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