nikko rinnoji and toshogu shrine (2)

Day 2 in Japan, start with dipping myself in onsen, such a luxury that you can only enjoy in Japan. After having brakfast from conbini (conv mart),  we head toward to temple complex of Nikko. 4 big temples of Nikko located next to each other and you can explore them with foot. Lucky for us, our hotel located very close to the temple. I highly suggest people to go at about 8 am because at this time usually you can see the monk perform the morning ritual.


The first temple we went was the Rinnoji temple which famous for the main temple, sanbutsudo, but unfortunately sanbutsudo  is under maintenance until 2021 T_T

We could not saw the grand temple but we could still went inside and saw the famous kanon statues. The great thing is thanks to the maintenance, we can saw the statues more closer than usual! And because i went there super early i could watched the monk doing the morning ritual next to me!!! Precious experience indeed!


The second temple we visited was the most famous one,the toshogu shrine. Toshogu shrine is a mausoleum for the super famous shogun, tokugawa ieyasu. For all the anime manga game lover, or history freak like me, tokugawa ieyasu is someone which maybe equal to justin bieber? LOL

The temple itself is very lavish and colorful with a chinesse style mix with traditional japanesse style. It also one of the most ornately decorated temple which make this one is special and unique.

The yomeimon gate, the beautiful blue gate was unfortunately also under renovated until 2019 T.


Then went straight across all the stairs, we saw all the magnificent building



This one is one of the famous carving, the 3 monkey/ sanzaru, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. and you can also saw the circle of life surround the roof depicted as monkey.


And inside the storehouse is the barn for the sacred horse from new zealand govt which used for many ceremonial purpose. The horse is so huge and muscular!!!! The horse will only be shown for tentative time of the day. So, dont forget to peek into this one at the right time.



Beautiful stone lanterns surround the temple


One thing that makes this temple special is you can find many interesting  carving that the temple itself encouraged people to find for it. And some carving may located in tricky location, but finding all the carving is very fun!

Left from yomeimon gate is Honjido hall, the crying dragon hall, why crying dragon? The Monk inside the temple will explain this to visitor in japan language but we dont need ability to speak japanesse to understand why.

apparently in the upper part of the temple there is painting of huge dragon, and when the monk clapped 2 pieces of wood directly below the dragon the sound will sounds just like a cry, then the monk will try to clapped the woods not under the painting and the sound will sounds different. Great!



The main shrine building, dominated with yellow, white and black color is super pretty!


The shinyosa hall, which stored portable shrines inside.


And up you can see painting of 3 goddess which said that this is the painting of the most beautiful ladies on earth, at that time, maybe…


Right of the main shrine is the sakashitamon gate, and the cat carving/nemurineko is located above! Almost miss this one!


After this gate we went through long flight of stairs to reach tokugawa ieyasu’s mausoleum



The mausoleum and the wood surrounding is so serene and peaceful. In contrast to the entire grandeous full of ornament temple, the mausoleum itself is simple for someone so great like Ieyasu.


This ‘God’ tree, said that the tree will grant your wish.


After that on our way down we saw this crowd full of japanesse tourist. Phew, so glad we went early!



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