Futarasan and Taiyuinbyo shrine of nikko (3)

From the super lavish one, toshogu shrine, we went to the older and more delicate temple, the futarasan shrine. The main temple itself is much more simple and quite ordinary just like common temple in Japan. The shrine is dedicated to the spirits of holy mountains Mt. Nantai, Mt. Nyoho and Mt. Taro.Tourist can not go inside though.


But there is this paid area behind the main temple that will help visitor to see the main temple much closer and clearer. At that time, i was fortunately enough to witness a baby blessing from the priest who wear traditional clothes similar to the clothing from heian area? I dont know for sure.


Inside the paid area, there is a small garden with several small temple, spring and old sacred twin tree.




The tree shared one root and stand up against one another so that they are called the husband-and-wife cedars (fuufu sugi)


One of the small shrine enshrined sword (tsurugi) that said one of japan national treasure


They also have the golden mikoshi/portable shrine



People write pray on the small white stone then throw it close to the small deity statue for goodluck.

I dont know why, maybe due to the trees or the air, but the atmosphere inside this shrine is very relaxing and giving peaceful state of minds.


The last shrine was Taiyuinbyo, which used as mauseleum for the 3rd shogun Iemitsu, the grandson of ieyatsu. Due to respect toward Ieyatsu, the mauseleum build in the same style as Toshogu but in way more modest.


There are 5 gates with a lot of stairs, this one is The yashamon gate guard by 4 God.


The white kendara


The red bidara


The blue umarokya


The green abatsumara


The bellfry in the right which shaped exactly the same with the one in the left, the drum tower. Bellfry signified death (negative energy) while drum tower signified birth (positive energy)


The famous sculpture of a white dragon


The main temple.



We are only allowed to entry the praying hall (haiden) while the main hall (honden) can only be viewed from outside. The haiden have many lovely decoration with gold pillar, nice carving and goddess painting in the ceiling.


The fourth gate Kokamon gate which lead to the tomb. Also closed to the public.


During my excitement taking all the beautiful picture, i spotted this one. I thought it was part of the ornament T___T the snake just stand still no movement at all while us, the human, scream out loud LOL


I dont know where this path lead, but it looks so pretty!


We managed to visit all 4 temples from 8am to 13 am, so i think it was actually quite possibled if you want to make daytrip to Nikko. All 4 temples were equally beautiful, but my favorite one is futarasan shrine. The building is not lavish but the atmosphere was the best. Serene and peaceful!


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