waiting for visa

it takes time for me to write this, because, umm maybe im still in denial time?

usually i am the planner type who always plan ahead of the time, but due to the Japan holiday hype, i admit that i did somehow neglected my visa application

after the holiday, came the Lebaran holiday hype

after the Lebaran holiday, i still somehow think, aaa it is still 7 weeks until the time when my sprachkurs started, soooo…relaxed…

my mistake

suddenly my husband called me and gave me bad news, ‘Hey one of my friend ask me whether we already submit our Visa application or not. Then when i check the website, the appointment time is already full until August”

and me…..*jaw drop*

damn me

in panic we tried to make appointment in German embassy for 2 people, at that time it was quite hard to found appointment schedule for 2 people.

later, we found out that husband and wife can join together in  1 schedule *swt* my 2nd mistake T_T

after all the hurdle, we somehow managed to submit the application. The employee there said that the approximately time for the whole process will takes time between 4-6 weeks.

ask a lot of my friends who already in German and almost all of them get their visa at 4 weeks, unless this 1 friend, who maybe very unlucky to get his visa after 8 weeks.

we pray and pray, because that is the only thing we can do right now.

at 7st september, everything become chaos. Our sprachkurs started on 14th, and yet still no news from the embassy. To make everything worst, German is having hard time due to all the refugees, so maybe, they dont have spare time to look at my visa application?

so yeah i have to make the hard decision.

the choice are

  1. persistently wait for visa, and when i get the visa, fly as soon as possible to german, with risks of having no accomodation, expensive airplane ticket, late entry to the sprachkurs
  2. postpone the kurs to November

it was hard, part of me dont want to give up, but realisticly speaking there is no way sane people will choose no 1, right? BUT, what will happen if the second after i choose to postpone the kurs then suddenly the embassy called???

damn, in the end i choice no2

there is too much risk and money to wasted in no 1

and now after 5 weeks, still no calling from the embassy. T_T i guess i make the right option, huh?

well sometimes there is a moment when you should make a choice and you should know when to give up or you might lost even more. Life is about making the right choices and giving up important thing to gain other thing. Gain this wisdom after watching Attack on Titan LOL

the good thing, well at least i could come to one of my best friend wedding. Congrats ve!




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