i finally get my visa!!!!

as the title says, finally, the embassy gave call to us!

on the day that my husband resigned his job, everything seems gloomy. What will happen to our life if our visa application was rejected. What should we do during this endless seems waiting time? Both of us are jobless, no income, and it is hard to find a new job with everything is unclear.

all the bad things came to our mind and suddenly the phone rang

“Hello good afternoon”

my husband, due to our ‘endless feels like’ waiting time, already know that this was the embassy. So he screams out loud


the embassy caller laughed, yeah i think he already used to this kind of reaction.

“Yes, sir. We would like to inform you that you can take your visa tomorrow morning”

and the rest of it? Both of us were screaming from top of our lung, laughing, and screaming again, the laughing again like crazy people

so, this is what people feel when they win a lottery? i guess!

all the joy and happiness came at us! Now we can finally start to make preparation for our new life in Dortmund. The flight, the apartment, finally i can start to looking for them

thanks to God who heard our prayer

thanks to our parents who always give us support

thanks to all of my friend who keeps my spirit high, in their own strange way LOL one day after they spread the #prayfordebbie the embassy called. Magic? Power of pray? LOL

and see you soon in Dortmund mels!


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