tamozawa village nikko (4)

After visited all the 4 big temples, the next priority was our stomach. So freaking tired and hungry after climbing all those stairs. For lunch we choose this restaurant close to the train station, quite far from the temple complex, but hey we got free pass to ride bus for 2 days, so why dont we utilized it?

The restaurant was a cute one and located in the 2nd floor.

Always ask for menu in english when  the waiter/waitress give you the japanese version. Restaurant in tourist area often have english menu which could give we, foreigner, a tremendous help.

His lunch. Tonkatsu curry.


My lunch. Hamburg steak.


Mine was definitely the best. Never tasted hamburg steak that was so tender, sweet and delicious. After this heavenly experience, no hamburg steak will ever tasted heaven, nothing can beat this one!

After lunch we still had few hour before our train leaved, so we decided to visit Tamozawa village, which is former residence of imperial family during summer.


Inside the villa, there was display about history of the villa and the story of the little emperor who love staying here during summer. All the japanese seems to pay great attention to the short movie about the emperor, while…errr…my husband sleeping soundly. Cant blame him though, the villa was so comfortable and quiet. Perfect place to sleep hahahahaha no wonder the emperor love this place.


The villa itself is one of the largest remaining wooden buidings in Japan, with the interior is mix between western and japanese styles and total of 106 rooms connected to each other with corridors. Imagine playing hide and seeks here, ergh. But the rooms were mainly empty with no furniture inside. So yeah, it is actually quite boring for me.


The best part was the japanese style garden surrounding the villa. It is summer time, so all the leaf is green and yet it still look so gorgeous! Cant imagine how beautiful it will be during spring and fall.

The 400 year old weeping cherry tree



Next of the villa there was this temple with a lot of budha statues, a cemetery maybe?


Then suddenly after we try to pick our luggage in our hotel, rain started to fall. The temperature were dropped, and for someone who came for tropical coutry, it was freaking cold! So, for one more time we must bring all of our luggage in the middle of rain T_T and the worst part? This clumsy me, lost the Nikko 2 day pass ticket, and realized it only a minute before rode the bus.

My super patient husband,was forced to returned to the hotel and luckily he found the ticket there. While me, guarded all of our luggage in bus station. A few o old grandpa, kindly asked me is that all the luggage belong to me? And he intend to helps me with it. I tried so hard with my broken japan to explain to him that it is okay, i have my husband. BUT! He didnt understand at all hahahaha

Then after he saw my husband came to me, he nodded and smile. Aaa finally he understand!

The bus was very full and we must standing all the way until we arrived in the train station. We arrived safely in Asakusa then we directly went to shinjuku to rode our night bus the willer express.

Had our dinner in ootoya


His dinner. Some unknown grilled fish. You supposed to rub the white radish into the fish.

My dinner. Chicken or pork? Im not quite sure.  in sweet and sour sauce


His dinner is the winner this time, the fish was perfectly grilled

After that we went ahead to willer express office in shinjuku, wait for our bus which departed exactly on time. Although i admitted i was getting nervous over and over because we could not  understand japanese. But then everything went well.

We choosed our first night ride in the cocoon styled. It looked so comfortable in the website! They have electrical plug, games, mirror and the best part? We could sleeping in our little cocoon without disturbed by other people. The bad part? It actually was not that comfortable. Bed is still the best and for the whole night i miss my bed in home T_T and i also got motion sickness inside LOL



the worst part? Constant fear of missing our stop. What will happen if we oversleep and wake in Osaka? Hahahahaha thanks God it didnt happened. we arrived safely in Kyoto!!!!


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