my laptop crashed!

a little bit about what happened in my life this month

  1. my laptop crashed often, decided to bring it to ASUS service center and found out that the motherboard was damaged T___T, as if in human case,  she got the brain cancer diagnosis. Thanks God, my laptop is not a human, and they offered me to replaced the motherboard with the new one. Hopefully she will survived and had a long life with me
  2. I had to buy a new OS for the “newly born” laptop. Before my dad resign, i used to got free OS from his office and now i must buy it by myself T_T thanks God again, Indonesia is a heaven for ‘bajakan’ software
  3. install a new game after a long long time hiatus from pc game, welcome to the sims4, who will ruining my sleep for months 🙂
  4. try to manage our little family money situation for future, it was not easy, had debate and “little” bit of screaming (from me) but i guess everything will going well for at least next year
  5. packaging and packaging, in next week i will be in Dortmund!

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