my flight experience to Germany!

apparently my flight turned out to be a huge DRAMA

  1. at first we had delayed in Singapore, and as compensation Garuda gave us each a 30 $ coupon to used in Changi airport, so yeah, it was amazing! Both of us happily shopping and used our coupon to bought nice tote bag and locks. Now i always used that bag for grocery shopping here 🙂
  2. during the 14 hours flight, the chairs was quite empty, so that i could sleep comfortably during the entire flight
  3. in Amsterdam our next flight to dusseldorf was already departed due to the prolong delayed in Singapore. We got to moved to the next flight and  as compensation we got free pass to KLM lounge! Super Amazing! We got to enjoyed free lunch, free drink and comfortable place to rest.

everything was nice to this point, that i really think what a nice flight i had with Garuda


we arrived in Dusseldorf safely, but not with our baggage. All of our baggage were missing T_T

The sudden rush of adrenaline forced us to stay sharp and what about jet lag? Nah! we were to busy to contact the KLM, made a missing report, bought new number,  made a email, etc etc. We even didnt dared to explore the city because we need to wait in the hotel in case our luggage was found.

in the evening the KLM staff called us and informed that all of our luggage were left in Amsterdam and will be send in the last flight in the late night. At the time our luggage arrived in dusseldorf, there will be no one to send our luggage. So we must wait again until morning.

early morning, we were anxious, waiting nervously for the phone rang, because in 11 am we already must leave dusseldorf toward dortmund. And seriously i just need to change my clothes already T_T

and hell yeah! finally the phone rang, our luggage was arrived! just as if a new parent that saw their newborn babies, that was my feeling when i saw all of our baggage arrived safely with nothing less.

the first thing that i do? Open the baggage, find a new pair of pants. Ah thanks God, i can finally wears a new pants ^^

in the end everything turn outs to be fine despite all of the drama, but drama is the one who will become spice in our life right?


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