1 month in Dortmund

long time that i dont write any post in this blog. Well, just said that my life is chaotic is this whole 1 month. New city new friend new everything, i must do my best to adapted.

now i live in Dortmund, the city of BVB.


by the time i arrrived it was in the middle of autumn, and the leaf started to turn yellow and red


the first week of my sprachkurs was phenomenal for me. The teacher, she is actually very nice and had a great way of teaching. But it is something that i only realized after 1 month.

During the 1st week she teach us spartan way. Gave many homework, task, etc. She even asked me, was i really sure that i want to take the B2 level. She tought that it will be better if i took B1. cant blame her though, my writing was totally messed up for unknown reason.

BUT now! For 1 month i really push myself over and over to prove that i was deserved in B2 class, and yeah based on the fact that i still in B2 class, i guess the teacher had changed her mind.

one of my most best moment is when i visited the church. the church itself is quite similiar with the one i used to attended in Jakarta

in the entry there is a bowl and you put the hostia into the chalice next to it.

The most memorable moment for me was when the pastor come to me and started to make a conversation. He is so friendly! He hugged me and gave me encouragement to do the best here in Germany.

oh and 1 month later, i met him, and he remember me! with smile he asked me how does my progress in sprachkurs? He hold my hand and kiss them during the “frieden sei mit dir”  or “peace be with you ” time.

nuff said, he stole my heart…LOL

fyi, he is old pastor that looks like santa claus twins. I cant wait for xmas!


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