lesson about karma in Koln

Suddenly in mid November, temperature was continue to dropped. The weathercast said that it would be snowing. My love for snow is limited to sitting in warm place and gazed to window full of snow. NOT spending all day drenched and freeze in SNOW.

So. I must went to Koln, because I had an appointment with mibeg, a language course with medical course. The choice was either rode train with total cost 30Euro/ person or bus 3 euro/person. Due to money problem LOL, nah, due to how clearly and how far the differences, of course I choosed bus. BUT. The time option is both very early or very late. So, I went to Koln at 4a.m and came back to Dortmund in 11 p.m

4 a.m it was minus in the outside, and the bus came late. After freezed for a while, we finally rode the megabus. The bus was, thanks God, comfortable and warm. We arrived in airport of Koln, and we must waited for another 2-3 hour, why? Because our appointment is 10 a.m jeezzz

10 a.m we finally rode the local train from airport to Haupftbahnhoft (hbf) or the main train station. The train system was different with the one we had in Dortmund. And it confused me, whether I could used the same ticket from airport to hbf, and used it for hbf to mibeg. Tried to ask for a help in information center, but the lady there was so rude. She keep told us to go to the train station without hearing what my question is.


In every bad luck, goodluck always come! It is my no1 life principal

When the rude lady shoved us outside, a good man saw what happened to us. He came and said “sorry I hear about your conversation, the lady is not very helpful isn’t she. Is there anything I could to help you?”

See? Goodluck!

The good man help us a lot and apparently we could used the same ticket! Phew!

15.00 a.m my business with mibeg was finished, had quick lunch, then when we tried to come back to hbf. It was raining, at first. Then it started to rain snow. A mixture of snow and rain. It was freaking cold! My clothes was wet. The wind was strong. I could not used umbrella at all. Damn. I hate snow.

At first we had this special plan to explore koln, but with this kind of weather? Nah ya.

We only spend a little time in Koln but I did manage to snapped some beautiful pictures of Koln. Unfortunately it was too cold for human of tropical country like me T_T

The super famous Dom of Koln.


Koln weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market)


Super pretty with all the light! Love it very much!!!






Another drama happened in hbf. When we wanted to buy a ticket, two guys walked very near to my husband. And thanks to my quick response, LOL, nah it just a coincidental. I Looked behind and this 2 guys was shocked. Later I realized, they wanted to open my husband bag. Bad news for you, even you managed to open his bag, we only brought water bottle there pfft. Want to stole my old water bottle? This small accident was enough to ruined our whole mood. Cold. Snow. And now thief?

BUT! In train, this super friendly old women started a conversation with us. And we had a lovely conversation with her ^_^ she reminded us to becareful because the city is super crowded right now due to the chrismas market. And we just smiled, aww yeah it already happened to us!

And this sweet lady actually in love with Japan, and we exchange stories about our journey in Japan. See? Every bad thing will come back in another form of goodness!

And then we went to airport, the warm place with strong Wifi connection, free toilet, and place to sleep (in the chair of course). Best place ever during my entire journey in Koln. LOL

It continued to snow until all the grass was full of snow. Felt really lucky that I had place to protect myself during this cold. Why I said that? Well because in the airport I met a group of refugees. There were many small children. With only a small bag in their back, to represent what they had to leaved behind in Syria. So sad… I could not imagine how to spend time in winter with no house, with nothing, but that was their only option to survived the war in their homeland.

Thanks God there were a group of social worker that helping this group of refugees. Giving them food, water, and even the train ticket to Berlin! Wish them a good luck.

Oh ya another LOL moment, one friend of mine, 1 year ago he stayed in Koln and his wallet got stolen, and at that time we were still in Indonesia and rudely we were laughed at him.

”Come on! How come you never got your wallet stolen in Indonesia, the country with high criminal rate, and got robed in Koln”

And looked what happened to us?

Bah. Bad karma!



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