AFA ID 2015 my last anime/cosplay event

one year ago during AFAID 2014 i thought, yap this one was the last anime event i would went BECAUSE at that time i thought i would be already in Germanny during the next AFAID2015

guess what?

my visa got delayed

so, i could said this one is the positive side of the delayment

i could visit another AFA!!!

i also got lucky during the fortune rolling. I got the opportunity to saw myself in manga version.


my rituals, AFA is not complete without visiting butler/maid cafe. Super expensive curry rice with standart tasted but with goodlooking butlers and maids. Too bad this year they decided to separated the area fbetween butlers and the maids. Honestly i thought that was bad idea. I used to enjoy my time here, saw the cute blushing face both your girl and boy while being served by their favorite maid/butler. And now i must choose? bad idea. for my wallet at least.

the best part of AFA ID 2015 was…..I COULD TRIED OCULUS RIFT!!!! Yap! that super amazing modern google with virtual reality system that would level up gaming experience to the next level!

i tried 3rd games.

  1. the roller coaster games. i was bad with height and i have severe motion sickness. At first, i was so excited using this gadget that i continued looking up down left and right. The next 30 seconds, i was having a motion sickness T_T
  2. The horror Games! The line to tried oculus rift was very long and at first i was really upset because i got to tried the roller coaster, because i Really really want to playing horror games with oculus. Fortune was with me. The previous man, who tried the horror games was screaming, hysterically, and no one was dared to tried the horror games. And i was like, act weak and cute, “could i tried?” They say yes *grin* The Games took setting in Dukun’s house and there was Pocong (candy shaped ghost authentic from Indonesia) that suddenly pooped out in front of my face. Yap. best experience ever. LOVE OCULUS RIFT! Really sorry though that i didnt scream at all.
  3. the ghost that come from well game, when they saw that i gave wrong reaction in previous game, they dared me to tried this one. Challenge accepted. Did i scream? LOL sorry mister

Yap. they must expected me to screamed out loud like cute tiny little girl? PFFFFTTTT sorry mister. This one had watched and played to many horrors to giving cutesy reaction. the entire game, i was smiling like mad, and even my friend said that my face looked so freaking happy. I do!

guess what? actually this one is my last anime/cosplay event in JAKARTA.Just found out that in Dortmund, there were also cosplay and anime event! Too bad, last time i could not came, while i was in Hamburg. But when i returned to Dortmund i caught glimpse of cosplayer!  So glad!



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