fushimi inari Taisha, the senbon torii (5)

After sleeping a whole night in the bus, we arrived safely in Kyoto station. It was early in the morning, and we decided our first destination will be Fushimi Inari. The famous temple with 1000 vermilion gates that became shooting places of Memoirs of Geisha and other famous movie.

We were considering to took a bath in nearest onsen in Kyoto tower, but the entry ticket was quite expensive. 750 yen! It was equal to 2 bowl of delicious ramen! So, we decided to enjoy the whole day without taking a bath. You can looks in all of the picture, both of us looks super tired and our hair were so oily LOL. FYI, we still brush our teeth and for me, I have to redo all my makeup to cover my panda eyes. We do all of that business in public toilet, the public toilet in Japan was so amazingly clean! And it was also quite surprising, that everytime I did my makeup in the public toilet, I always encountered fellows women who did the same thing with me.

After that we enjoyed some bento for breakfast, and then we bought the Kyoto Sightseeing Card for 2 days. It can be used for unlimited travel on the subway and city buses as well as a part of the Kyoto bus route. But it has to be used on two consecutive days.

Another tips for Kyoto, the bus system was much better than the subway, they also give information about which bus will lead you to the tourist place and the best thing? In almost every bus station, they provided free WIFI! How freaking cool was that! So, I totally recommend you to used bus. Totally worth it.


Fushimi inari located near to Kyoto station, and in my opinion it was better to visit fushimi inari early in the morning, because the shrine was so popular and lot of people come to visit it.




Fushimi inari was a temple to respect the rice shinto God (inarii), and you will saw hundred of fox (kitsune) statue in every corner of fushimi inari. It was believed that fox was the massanger of the rice God.






The torii itsef was a donation from lot of people and you can saw their names behind the tori. The more you gave for the temple, the bigger torii that will builded, and that explained why the torii was all in different sized.

To obtain the perfect picture of the senbon toori/ 1000 gates it was necessary to came early in the morning. We arrived at 7.30 and the shrine was already quite crowded! But after taking a road higher. We finally could took our perfect senbon toori pictures. This shrine was so unique and beautiful, no wonder there were ton of people who came to visit it.



We would love to tried their famous inari sushi and kitsune udon, but by the time we arrived, the shop was still closed T_T the sacrificed we had to pay to got a perfect senbon toori pictures.


during the hike, we encountered several other small shrine with totally different atmosphere. Quite creepy but soooo beautiful!



There were total 4 km trail in the mountain, and our leg gave up half way LOL we were just super freaking tired and decided to came down. FYI, if you decided to challenge your self to conquer the top, there was no special temple upside, only a special spot to observed Kyoto from upside. And actually you could got a same view in Kiyomizu dera.

When we went down, there were several shop that sold interesting snack! I would totally recommend it! The crab snack was delicious!



This rice snack, because they gave no1 sign, we pick it, and the tasted was awful! I should pick senbei instead!


after the hiking trail in fushimi inari, we continued our journey to silver and gold pavillion. Will post it next time!


my wedding day

This month is my 1st wedding anniversary and I would like to shared what has happened during my wedding day. Last year I spend my entire new year in chaotic situation, just like another bride-to-be. And to made everything worse, 1 week before my weeding day, during my sangjit day (the day when the groom family bring gift according to the chinese traditional rite to the bride’s house) Jakarta was flooded. So yeah, basicly for the entire week every single day, I pray to God, please don’t let it rain during my big day.

The day before the big day, because I was too stressful, I asked one of my bridemaid to bring sleep medicine to help me getting a good night sleep, but even with the help of the drug, I still had a hard time to slept.

Then, that day finally came. Sharped at 3 a.m the makeup rituals was already started and the wedding organizer, the photo video crew, and my bridesmaid were already there. On time!

I used accent Team as my wedding organizer, and they proved that they were the best WO that I could ever imagined. The best decision I made during my wedding preparation was to used their help. The crew was friendly, helpful, patient, professional worker but at the same time they were as closed and understanding as if we are family. Love them very much. They help me through all the hard time, choosing vendors, picking theme for the wedding decoration, gave idea for the cake and decoration, choosing wedding gown. She was my fairy God mother!

The video crew, I used Fidelis Pictures. The same day edit video was epic, but the wedding video? It was SUPER epic! Amazingly good!

The photographer, I choosed Bernardo Pictura. I was quite picky about my wedding day documentation. It must be perfect. And yes, bernardo picture is perfect. My wedding picture was my pride. Everytime I looked at my album, I smiled.

So yeah, my eyes was pandas. Black and fat. But look was could makeup done to my pandas eyes. My look was perfect. Thanks to my dear make up artist (MUA) ci ating for her great jobs.



My wedding dress, was created by wedding boutique. I was not ‘very picky’ with my dress. I hoped a simple one and my mom aimed for princess ballgown type. It was like princess Diana VS princess Kate middleton’s gown battle. At first we visited the bridal store that my mom had set eyes for long time. All the gown were princessly themed, with huge ball gown style, and I was like….toothpick inside an apple….

Then after that we visited wedding boutique, all was whole completed different experienced! The crew, the gown, all were very different! Instead of using the finished form imported Taiwan gown, in wedding boutique I could construct what kind of gown I would like to be. The quality of the material was also very different, the gown here was lighter compared than the bridal, and looks better too! It was way more expensive than bridal’s gown. But it way cheaper than used designer’s gown. All the gown was so gorgeous. And I had hard time to choose my wedding gown.

So in the end after long debated, yes and no. We settled to this gown, with the help from my dear WO, ci Maria.



Back to my wedding day story.

while waiting for the groom, me and the bridemaids were having a photo session. what could i say. All the bridemaids were so helpful and lovely. The whole day they keep my spirit high and helping me all the way. Love you girls!

The groom and his troops came for the gatebreaking games, before the groom could saw the bride for the first time, he must deal with 5 of my bridemaids. He and the bestmen were told to dance AKB48 heavy rotation and made sailor moon posed. LOL


sun flower my favorite flower ever. And how much i love the combination of white black and yellow flower. So perfect!

From north Jakarta we went back to the groom house in west Jakarta for another Chinese ritual, the tea pai, a Honoring ritual to the groom family. We served them tea and the family gave gold in exchange of a cup of tea. What a fair exchange LOL

At that time the situation was little bit chaotic while there were too many people at his house, but everything turned out to be fined, thanks to the hardworking effort of the WO.

Then from west Jakarta we went back to north Jakarta to the church. Along the road I was too sleepy and fall right into deep sleep and by the time we arrived I was having severe palpation. Damn! I could not remember my wedding vow!


omg, the veil was freaking gorgeous! it was freaking heavy and at the first time i tried to wore it i doubt whether i will wore the short veil instead, but my mom and Ci maria, were insist to pick this long one. Thanks God it was indeed so totally worth all the pain in my head (and the hair loss)


The pastor was perfect, the decoration was perfect with all that sun flower. I love the church part the most. It was the most memorable part for me.

And by the time we must delivering our wedding vow, the groom recited it perfectly, while me? Totally nervous! And whenever I felt too nervous I was having this abnormal defense mechanism. I laugh. Totally out of control. And not appropriate too. Used all of my mind and self control, I managed to recited my wedding vow, almost perfectly, at the end I was laugh. A little bit laugh. Not too obvious, or so I think, until I saw my wedding video LOL whatever, people may think I was a little bit crazy. BUT! At least it was much better compared to the rehearsal, during the rehearsal I was laughing crazily, could not stop and could not recite the vow at all. SEE! It was improvement!

Then, again, from north Jakarta I went back to West Jakarta for the wedding party.

The decoration was the best ever. I could not imagine that the decoration was this perfect and gorgeous, dream do came true. The combination of black white and red was as beautiful I hope it would be. The decoration was created by Butterfly Event Styling. Look what have their done. Magical fairy dust here and there, and voila!







It was not easy to settled with this team. At beginning of my entire wedding plan, I was always knew that I want to used them as my decoration team. But the price and all the drama made everything little bit tensed. But, with the help of my WO, finally all sides were happy and they became part of my team!

The wedding cake was in combination of black white and red too! So classy! It was custom designed for me after a long time of consideration and brainstorming with the help of Eiffel Cake team, and again with the help of my WO. I love the cake so much!


The souvenir were from fine souvenir, in the shaped of bride and groom with black and white color.


The food was superb. Delicious food and professional catering team by Bali Indah. The dessert looks so pretty! Too bad I could not enjoyed it myself T_T

I was very surprised when I saw so many people came to my party, well.. because the date was not common and I thought everyone were on holiday. I was happy to see a lot of my precious friend was there and I hope all of you were having a good time!


For me, the wedding party seem to past away very fast. All my hardwork for entire year was finally done. And after the party I was liked “ huh? Is that it? Just that? It is over?” And so goes away all my worry, anxiety (and also my money).

For people out of Indonesia, this kind of wedding could be something that was insane and not makes sensed at all. But what could I say? My wish was also the type of small simple wedding party. But, my parent strictly asked me to throw anything but a simple wedding. For all the tradition and culture and all the reasoning my parents had argumented, as a good daughter, I presented this wedding party for them. Hope you enjoy it. Love you!


love from us!



dessert time in Jakarta

what did i missed from Indonesia? of course! THE FOOD!

i miss padang’s food, bakso, mie ayam, soto, and all the cute dessert that i could only found there.

today i want to talk about the dessert in Indonesia. Dont get me wrong, the cake in Dortmund is delicious, but, lets say, they do not plated it in cute ways. The dessert in Indonesia, was insanely cute. But overall the taste is so-so and too sweet for my tongue


it is located in Mall Kelapa Gading in front of Tokyo Belly. The decoration is extraordinary, they made it similiar to carousel with a merry go round’s horse in the middle..  I dont know why, but all of this dessert cafe, they all have super cute and detailed decoration. Maybe because they know that we Indonesian always took a picture before we eat? LOL




i found this amazing shaped drink in Grand Indonesia. Bottle? Glass? Nein, it was old style! They used BLOODBAG! Instagramable! but the taste…it was not that great.



the first cafe who introduced Frozen Yogurt into Indonesia, when the hype of frozen yogurt is getting low, many cafe that sold froyo was closed. But not with sour sally, they invented a new type of frozen yogurt. The black sakura. The black FROYO!



it is the Cafe with the most unique decoration and lot of the guess bring their SLR camera to documented every corner of this cafe. The first thing that greeted people in this cafe was the strong vanilla aroma from aroma therapy? The smell was too strong! Made me feel a bit nausea. About the cake itself, it was exactly like the cafe. The decoration was great, but the taste is too sweet. The ice cream was great tho! Love the ice cream!












xmas 2015 first xmas in German

merry xmas everyone! Hope all of us had a great xmas! I will describe what xmas feels like in Dortmund. Prepared yourself for the super long post.

xmas or weihnachten in German language, is so festive! They have christmas market or weihnachtsmarkt for the entire month! The market is always full of people hanging around, drinking and chatting. But on the christmas day, the city become zombie land. From 24 until 27, you can barely see anyone, no shop or restaurant open for business. You see, christmas is one of the most important holiday for German people and they spend the whole 3 days with their family and friends. No dining outside. Instead, they have classic dinner with their loved ones. Sweet isnt it?

Dortmund christmas tree was so big and they using thousand of real tree!  and here is the final result


every day there are hundred of people hanging out in weihnachtsmarkt, even if the weather is raining!


they also sold various drink and food that were signature dishes of christmas. The most famous is gluhwein or hot wine. Is is A must drink in every xmas! A perfect drink for december’s cold weather. BUT, for me. I prefer LUMUMBA! HOt chocolate drink mix with alcohol. Perfect combination of sweet and alcohol.

for the first time ever i finally tried Eggnog. Everytime i watched xmas themed movie, there is always eggnog, the warm drink with egg and alcohol. I am an egg lover, so i thought eggnog must be superb. Here in German we called it by eierpunsch. Is it delicious? err….no. Simply just not my tasted.

and the food? Mainly they sold wurzt or sausage but there was also various kind of other food. The warm and fluffy baked potatoes with herb butter and melting cheese. My favorite is salmon baked! so good! not overcooked and the tasted was simply perfect.

and my favorite dessert, is germ knodel. or should i say..sweet bakpao? OMG it tasted exactly like bakpao! For asian people like me, to find bakpao here in the middle of bread and cake, is so special!

basicly germ knodel is bakpao with hot vanilla sauce and fruit sauce such as blueberry or cherry.


so happy to find bakpao here LOL

this is a good example, what happened when my husband take a picture of me -____- blurred!

they also had a small part of market that sold unique stuff from NEPAL, they give a different feel of xmas and yet so unique, colorful and pretty!

they also sold a cheap used books here! i bought my paulo coelho novel for 1 euro. Imagine. 1 EURO! and the book was in perfect condition!

German parents also had a tradition to buy a calendar full of chocolate inside in the form of calender, or so called by advent calendar. Each day you can open the door, and found a delicious chocolate inside.


for me? I really want to buy one but the prize is not very friendly. But then after 5 days, nobody want to buy advent calendar and they sold it for half prize! Of course i buy one for myself LOL

at the end of my language course, we celebrated xmas together! Even though some of us didnt celebrated xmas but yeah we still had fun together

there was even santa and 2 angels who came to our class!

the student, who came for all different part of the world, bring their traditional foods from their land. AND i bring TEMPEH! No one knew what tempe was, but i guess they kinda like it. Exotic vegetarian food from soja marinated in sweet soja sauce, who can resist that?

we also had secret santa games! Each of us had took another name of our classmate before and then at the final day we brought gift for that people.

i got laskar pelangi book in German version! Laskar pelangi, maybe it was the only Indonesia book i could find in German? I’m not sure, but this book was very special present for me. Thanks!

my husband got BVB flag LOL


at 24th december, there was a tiny accident. I was clumsy and remembering false hour of the chrismas eve mass in our church. And realized it only 20 minutes before the mass began. It was chaotic LOL. We arrived a bit late, about 5 minute late. But the church was already overcrowded!

FYI for the entire time i had  Mass in this church, the church was almost empty and never ever i saw so many people on that church like chrismas eve. What could i say, it also happened in Indonesia, some peopel go to church only during xmas and easter. well at least they go to the church right?

the church decoration was rather simple in comparison with the one i had back home in Indonesian, but it was real tree! People bring candle and lantern and after the mass they ignite the candle with flame from the candle in front of the baby Jesus. I wish i bring my own candle T_T well maybe next time?

on the xmas day i spend time with my fellow indonesian people in Dortmund, each of us bring a food and then we chatted and eating and chatting again till the night come.

we had salad, cupcake, sour sweet chicken, tempeh, spagetti with whatever sauce (i made them! basicly just throw whatever ingredients in fridge and voila! It looked not bad right?) and the star of the day…RENDANG! Nothing can make a group Indonesian happier than rendang LOL


this xmas was very special for me, thanks to all the new experiment i had here. I wish you all had a very merry xmas XOXO