xmas 2015 first xmas in German

merry xmas everyone! Hope all of us had a great xmas! I will describe what xmas feels like in Dortmund. Prepared yourself for the super long post.

xmas or weihnachten in German language, is so festive! They have christmas market or weihnachtsmarkt for the entire month! The market is always full of people hanging around, drinking and chatting. But on the christmas day, the city become zombie land. From 24 until 27, you can barely see anyone, no shop or restaurant open for business. You see, christmas is one of the most important holiday for German people and they spend the whole 3 days with their family and friends. No dining outside. Instead, they have classic dinner with their loved ones. Sweet isnt it?

Dortmund christmas tree was so big and they using thousand of real tree!  and here is the final result


every day there are hundred of people hanging out in weihnachtsmarkt, even if the weather is raining!


they also sold various drink and food that were signature dishes of christmas. The most famous is gluhwein or hot wine. Is is A must drink in every xmas! A perfect drink for december’s cold weather. BUT, for me. I prefer LUMUMBA! HOt chocolate drink mix with alcohol. Perfect combination of sweet and alcohol.

for the first time ever i finally tried Eggnog. Everytime i watched xmas themed movie, there is always eggnog, the warm drink with egg and alcohol. I am an egg lover, so i thought eggnog must be superb. Here in German we called it by eierpunsch. Is it delicious? err….no. Simply just not my tasted.

and the food? Mainly they sold wurzt or sausage but there was also various kind of other food. The warm and fluffy baked potatoes with herb butter and melting cheese. My favorite is salmon baked! so good! not overcooked and the tasted was simply perfect.

and my favorite dessert, is germ knodel. or should i say..sweet bakpao? OMG it tasted exactly like bakpao! For asian people like me, to find bakpao here in the middle of bread and cake, is so special!

basicly germ knodel is bakpao with hot vanilla sauce and fruit sauce such as blueberry or cherry.


so happy to find bakpao here LOL

this is a good example, what happened when my husband take a picture of me -____- blurred!

they also had a small part of market that sold unique stuff from NEPAL, they give a different feel of xmas and yet so unique, colorful and pretty!

they also sold a cheap used books here! i bought my paulo coelho novel for 1 euro. Imagine. 1 EURO! and the book was in perfect condition!

German parents also had a tradition to buy a calendar full of chocolate inside in the form of calender, or so called by advent calendar. Each day you can open the door, and found a delicious chocolate inside.


for me? I really want to buy one but the prize is not very friendly. But then after 5 days, nobody want to buy advent calendar and they sold it for half prize! Of course i buy one for myself LOL

at the end of my language course, we celebrated xmas together! Even though some of us didnt celebrated xmas but yeah we still had fun together

there was even santa and 2 angels who came to our class!

the student, who came for all different part of the world, bring their traditional foods from their land. AND i bring TEMPEH! No one knew what tempe was, but i guess they kinda like it. Exotic vegetarian food from soja marinated in sweet soja sauce, who can resist that?

we also had secret santa games! Each of us had took another name of our classmate before and then at the final day we brought gift for that people.

i got laskar pelangi book in German version! Laskar pelangi, maybe it was the only Indonesia book i could find in German? I’m not sure, but this book was very special present for me. Thanks!

my husband got BVB flag LOL


at 24th december, there was a tiny accident. I was clumsy and remembering false hour of the chrismas eve mass in our church. And realized it only 20 minutes before the mass began. It was chaotic LOL. We arrived a bit late, about 5 minute late. But the church was already overcrowded!

FYI for the entire time i had  Mass in this church, the church was almost empty and never ever i saw so many people on that church like chrismas eve. What could i say, it also happened in Indonesia, some peopel go to church only during xmas and easter. well at least they go to the church right?

the church decoration was rather simple in comparison with the one i had back home in Indonesian, but it was real tree! People bring candle and lantern and after the mass they ignite the candle with flame from the candle in front of the baby Jesus. I wish i bring my own candle T_T well maybe next time?

on the xmas day i spend time with my fellow indonesian people in Dortmund, each of us bring a food and then we chatted and eating and chatting again till the night come.

we had salad, cupcake, sour sweet chicken, tempeh, spagetti with whatever sauce (i made them! basicly just throw whatever ingredients in fridge and voila! It looked not bad right?) and the star of the day…RENDANG! Nothing can make a group Indonesian happier than rendang LOL


this xmas was very special for me, thanks to all the new experiment i had here. I wish you all had a very merry xmas XOXO



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