fushimi inari Taisha, the senbon torii (5)

After sleeping a whole night in the bus, we arrived safely in Kyoto station. It was early in the morning, and we decided our first destination will be Fushimi Inari. The famous temple with 1000 vermilion gates that became shooting places of Memoirs of Geisha and other famous movie.

We were considering to took a bath in nearest onsen in Kyoto tower, but the entry ticket was quite expensive. 750 yen! It was equal to 2 bowl of delicious ramen! So, we decided to enjoy the whole day without taking a bath. You can looks in all of the picture, both of us looks super tired and our hair were so oily LOL. FYI, we still brush our teeth and for me, I have to redo all my makeup to cover my panda eyes. We do all of that business in public toilet, the public toilet in Japan was so amazingly clean! And it was also quite surprising, that everytime I did my makeup in the public toilet, I always encountered fellows women who did the same thing with me.

After that we enjoyed some bento for breakfast, and then we bought the Kyoto Sightseeing Card for 2 days. It can be used for unlimited travel on the subway and city buses as well as a part of the Kyoto bus route. But it has to be used on two consecutive days.

Another tips for Kyoto, the bus system was much better than the subway, they also give information about which bus will lead you to the tourist place and the best thing? In almost every bus station, they provided free WIFI! How freaking cool was that! So, I totally recommend you to used bus. Totally worth it.


Fushimi inari located near to Kyoto station, and in my opinion it was better to visit fushimi inari early in the morning, because the shrine was so popular and lot of people come to visit it.




Fushimi inari was a temple to respect the rice shinto God (inarii), and you will saw hundred of fox (kitsune) statue in every corner of fushimi inari. It was believed that fox was the massanger of the rice God.






The torii itsef was a donation from lot of people and you can saw their names behind the tori. The more you gave for the temple, the bigger torii that will builded, and that explained why the torii was all in different sized.

To obtain the perfect picture of the senbon toori/ 1000 gates it was necessary to came early in the morning. We arrived at 7.30 and the shrine was already quite crowded! But after taking a road higher. We finally could took our perfect senbon toori pictures. This shrine was so unique and beautiful, no wonder there were ton of people who came to visit it.



We would love to tried their famous inari sushi and kitsune udon, but by the time we arrived, the shop was still closed T_T the sacrificed we had to pay to got a perfect senbon toori pictures.


during the hike, we encountered several other small shrine with totally different atmosphere. Quite creepy but soooo beautiful!



There were total 4 km trail in the mountain, and our leg gave up half way LOL we were just super freaking tired and decided to came down. FYI, if you decided to challenge your self to conquer the top, there was no special temple upside, only a special spot to observed Kyoto from upside. And actually you could got a same view in Kiyomizu dera.

When we went down, there were several shop that sold interesting snack! I would totally recommend it! The crab snack was delicious!



This rice snack, because they gave no1 sign, we pick it, and the tasted was awful! I should pick senbei instead!


after the hiking trail in fushimi inari, we continued our journey to silver and gold pavillion. Will post it next time!


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