Ginkakuji and Philosopher’s path (7)

After Lunch, our original Plan was to back to our hotel and take a decent rest. BUT, the charm of Kyoto and all of her beautiful temple had become our extra energy. Healing potion! So, we decided to used up all of our remaining energy to explore the twin sister of Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji the silver Pavillion.

Along the way of Ginkakuji, there is many interesting shop but we came near the closing hours, and almost all the shop were already closing T.T

The temple is not layered by Gold like Kinkakuji, but it is a beautiful temple made from woods surround by white sand that looks like a snow from afar.



The kannonden or the main temple. The design was inspired by Kinkakuji, that’s why they had similar name. it was builded by the grandson of the owner of Kinkakuji, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. The temple was supposed to be layered in silver, but due to some problem it end up the way it is now.




The sand formation, is ZEN. All the wave and pile of sand, represent a mount Fuji. Even from the eye from someone like me, who have zero talent to understand art, I still think that the temple and the sand were amazing. The entire atmosphere was so serene and tranquil, well maybe because it was near closing hour and there were not many people, that’s why I could really enjoy the calming effect of this temple.






The only picture of us 2. Some friendly foreigner took this photo for us. Thanks sir!


Behind the temple there was a Garden that you could explore. The moss garden was so in order, all the branch and leaf and flower, were placed in a way that created a whole level of harmony. From the above we could saw the view of the temple and the city.



After enjoying all there beauty, we decided to continue our journey and walking along the philosopher’s path. The famous street in Kyoto that was supposed to be very famous in spring, because of all the gorgeous sakura tree. Unfortunately in summer, all the sakura tree was green. But we continue our walk along the path until the end, enjoying the view. In the right there was this beautiful river and in the left was the beautiful old traditional Kyoto house. Mesmerizing!




Along the way, I could saw the super clean and clear water with super big fish! Not only 1 but many big fish!


At the end of the street, we were totally exhausted, and somehow getting lost in the street LOL and I saw nobody to asked for the right direction. And it started to getting dark! Quite creepy but after a while we finally found a bus station! Phew!

Then we came back to Kyoto station and decided to ate ramen in the ramen village of Kyoto station. Honestly we had all of our dinner in Kyoto in this place. God, all of the yummy choice was to tempting to say no.




At the end of the day, it was raining T.T and we must brought all of our luggage and walk to our hotel. Too tired too thinking, we decided to used taxi LOL. FYI taxi in Kyoto was quite expensive for cheapskate traveler like us, but under 2 km the cost was very cheap (650 yen)! Totally recommended when you brought many luggage.


Unfortunately The driver was a bad and rude driver, idk maybe I was simply unlucky. The only people in japan that I found was so rude, is this young taxi driver. Quite upsetting but for a comfortable and cheap transportation? I don’t care LOL

Thanks God our hotel in Kyoto was very very very comfortable! Totally recommended!I forgot to took a pictures because I was too tired..sigh…. but the hotel was the best! We were totally knocked down and need no time to went to the dream world.

Next adventure? Arashiyama!


Kinkakuji the golden temple and Nishiki Market the Kitchen of Kyoto (6)



From the fox temple, we visited the next destination the golden temple or Kinkaku-ji. Kinkakuji located in east of Kyoto. From the Kyoto station, the option is either to ride bus no 101 or 205. The duration was about 45 minute, perfect time to take a nap in the full AC bus!

The ticket entry to the temple was so unique, a paper that looks like come from scene of anime.


A MUST to try in Kyoto. The super delicious matcha green tea.



The temple itself was no entry. You could only admiring the temple from the distance, but the scene was so beautiful and so precious! No wonder it was included as one of UNESCO world heritage site.



The leaf in the upper part was naturally red, i didnt edit it at all. Mix of summer and touch of fall.


Originally this golden pavilion belong to some rich man, and the sold to the shogun Yoshimisu. By the shogun’s son the pavilion transformed into Zen temple to honored his death father. It has total 3 floor, and the top 2 floors are covered with gold! Each floor has different style of architecture. The first floor, shinden/Heian style, built with natural wood pillar. The door is opened, and from afar we can barely saw a small figured of budha. The second floor, bukke style, a common style used by samurai residences, only the exterior is layered with gold. The third floor, Chinese zen hall is layered interior and exterior by gold.


Closer look of the temple from behind



After admiring the temple, we continued walking and found shop that sold traditional sweets and matcha tea. Very interesting and so-japan!

From there, our original plan was went direct to Ginkakuji. But, the hunger strikes. And we decided to took a route instead, and visited the famous traditional market of Kyoto, nishiki market. When we are staring cluelessly to the bus schedule and try to figure which bus to reach nishiki market, a kind ojisan (grandpa) asked us in japanese, which direction we want. I speak English and he speak japanese, but it was not a barrier for such a kindness. He explained it that we wait in the wrong bus stop, and should took the other stop. Arigatou ojisan!

If I had to described nishiki market the it would be “food heaven” Oh God there were so many delicious and interesting looking food here. I wish had unlimited money and stomach to digest all of that tasty food!

Nishiki market or “Kyoto’s Kitchen” located parallel to shijo avenue, and from there you must make a turn to reach nishiki market. Ask people around there if you don’t sure. You can find anything here, from fresh seafood, candy, pickles, food, knife, dried seafood, sushi

So here, enjoy the picture. Watch out for unconscious drooling!


spicy senbei


Unagi and some type of baked Fish.




Fresh fish and Abalone!






Kyoto Traditional Pickl





Snack and Cute looking Sweets



I do recommend you to  try this 2.

Baby Octopus with Head from quail egg. Looks like baby alien with Cap LOL although the appearance was strange, the taste was extremely tasty!




BEST SCALLOP I EVER TRY IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!! All other Scallop was like a rubber compare to this one. The flavor was so delicious, so fresh, the marinade sauce compliment the scallop very well. The juiciness from the scallop….arrrggghh soooo goood! My only regret was i can not taste this delicacy every day.


From Nishiki i continued my journey to the twin temple of golden pavillion, The silver pavillion. I will write about it later!

my 1st experience travelling without valid ticket

at the beginning of this month the condition was quite hectic for me, because i had to move to my new apartment, and taking care of all the new stuff. Couldnt believe how unlucky we were, during our last week in the old apartement 5 lamp were broken! 5!

back to the title,

when we move to the apartment, i must buy a monthly train ticket because there is no way i would walk 3 km every morning to my  language course. To celebrated our new ticket, we decided to visited IKEA, just for eating their delicious swedish meatball! OH GOD SO LECKER!

then this one friend, who had live longer in German, said to us “hey with your student ticket, you could bring a companion during weekend for free!”

me “really? are you sure?”

friend “very sure! looks i even bring the information booklet and you can look by yourself”

me *look at the booklet half eyed* “well okay sure. then come with us to IKEA”

then we went to IKEA, enjoying their swedish meatball, and by the time we must took our train home, i saw the ticket officer just right before we ride the train.

I asked my friend “hey there is ticket officer inside. Are you SUREEEE you are safe without ticket?” FYI. I always feeling nervous when i saw a police man, or another officer with uniform. IDK what causing this fear. but, yeah i always had this stupid insecurities with them.

friend “its okay dont worry”

then we rode the train. sitting peacefully with innocent smile in our face.

theeen! the officer came to us. as i predicted before.

my husband gave the ticket and our id to the officer, and this friend of mine. He was smiling ear to ear and speaking with full of confidence “i was with them. Student ticket allowed to take 1 person for free right?”

the officer nod. smile. and go.

GOD. am i the only one who are extremely overreacted in this situation?see nothing wrong!!!

then we continue our conversation, and suddenly i saw the officer came back to our direction and bring a thick book.

i know. at that moment. something is wrong. very wrong.

officer “hello. can you read german?”

friend “sure” —still smiling as if nothing wrong

officer “you can read by yourself in this book that only student ticket plus could bring 1 person for free. but you could not do it with your normal student card”

me *extremely nervous. mouth gap. panic face* basicly all three of us were stunned, with stupid face, and could not saying anything.

officer “its okay. this time i would not give you a penalty but please make sure there wont be next time”

all 3 of us still could not said anything, we were too surprise to gave a human response.

officer “okay then may you have a good afternoon”

then he leaving peacefully.

and we were like..WHAT HAPPENNNEDDDD!!!!!

omg thanks God the officer was so nice to us and didnt gave the penalty, altought it was clearly our fault to not read the information booklet clearly. And he just leave like that? I didnt know whether it was because of our innocent face? or our stupid response? or he pity us? idk

but we sure were lucky! maybe it was for the exchange of our bad luck with lamp in old apartment? i always believe that when you were extremely unlucky, you will be lucky in another time for exchange. Fair Trade people.

thanks dear officer, if you by accident read this, i just want to said may God bless you and sorry for our stupidity. Cheers!