Ginkakuji and Philosopher’s path (7)

After Lunch, our original Plan was to back to our hotel and take a decent rest. BUT, the charm of Kyoto and all of her beautiful temple had become our extra energy. Healing potion! So, we decided to used up all of our remaining energy to explore the twin sister of Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji the silver Pavillion.

Along the way of Ginkakuji, there is many interesting shop but we came near the closing hours, and almost all the shop were already closing T.T

The temple is not layered by Gold like Kinkakuji, but it is a beautiful temple made from woods surround by white sand that looks like a snow from afar.



The kannonden or the main temple. The design was inspired by Kinkakuji, that’s why they had similar name. it was builded by the grandson of the owner of Kinkakuji, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. The temple was supposed to be layered in silver, but due to some problem it end up the way it is now.




The sand formation, is ZEN. All the wave and pile of sand, represent a mount Fuji. Even from the eye from someone like me, who have zero talent to understand art, I still think that the temple and the sand were amazing. The entire atmosphere was so serene and tranquil, well maybe because it was near closing hour and there were not many people, that’s why I could really enjoy the calming effect of this temple.






The only picture of us 2. Some friendly foreigner took this photo for us. Thanks sir!


Behind the temple there was a Garden that you could explore. The moss garden was so in order, all the branch and leaf and flower, were placed in a way that created a whole level of harmony. From the above we could saw the view of the temple and the city.



After enjoying all there beauty, we decided to continue our journey and walking along the philosopher’s path. The famous street in Kyoto that was supposed to be very famous in spring, because of all the gorgeous sakura tree. Unfortunately in summer, all the sakura tree was green. But we continue our walk along the path until the end, enjoying the view. In the right there was this beautiful river and in the left was the beautiful old traditional Kyoto house. Mesmerizing!




Along the way, I could saw the super clean and clear water with super big fish! Not only 1 but many big fish!


At the end of the street, we were totally exhausted, and somehow getting lost in the street LOL and I saw nobody to asked for the right direction. And it started to getting dark! Quite creepy but after a while we finally found a bus station! Phew!

Then we came back to Kyoto station and decided to ate ramen in the ramen village of Kyoto station. Honestly we had all of our dinner in Kyoto in this place. God, all of the yummy choice was to tempting to say no.




At the end of the day, it was raining T.T and we must brought all of our luggage and walk to our hotel. Too tired too thinking, we decided to used taxi LOL. FYI taxi in Kyoto was quite expensive for cheapskate traveler like us, but under 2 km the cost was very cheap (650 yen)! Totally recommended when you brought many luggage.


Unfortunately The driver was a bad and rude driver, idk maybe I was simply unlucky. The only people in japan that I found was so rude, is this young taxi driver. Quite upsetting but for a comfortable and cheap transportation? I don’t care LOL

Thanks God our hotel in Kyoto was very very very comfortable! Totally recommended!I forgot to took a pictures because I was too tired..sigh…. but the hotel was the best! We were totally knocked down and need no time to went to the dream world.

Next adventure? Arashiyama!


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