4 month in Dortmund

time pass so quickly! never realized that it was already 4 month since my first arrival in Deutschland.

The first 3 month was all about Deutsch course, learning Deutsch with all the other foreigner. I managed to found 2 greatest teacher and many good friend. It was such a precious memory 🙂

And now? The next step is hospitation. What is hospitation? Hospitation is an internship in hospital, and I will work as a guest doctor but received no wages. Imagine, working in real hospital as a real doctor with a broken Deutsch? Not good, but we will fight and tried to do our best. Somehow I know that the first 1 month will full of drama, sweat, blood, and tears. It will be FREAKING hard for us to adapt with the new environtment. It will be our first time communicate and working with all native Germanny.

And lucky us, me and my husband has found a place to do our hospitation in same hospital! Yesterday, we had an interview with the chef in Internal Medicine, and he said yes to both of us! So lucky! We were so nervous during the interview, well mainly because our deutsch is still not good. But in the end, he still said yes, and he introduced us to the hospital. All the facility and the technology is so modern compared to my previous hospital were I work in Indonesia! Aw God it is so freaking cool! This is totally what I had imagined before, working in a modern hospital with all advanced technology.

The only bad thing was the location of this hospital, it was quite far though T_T I need total 1 hour (30min walking and 30min in train) to reach the hospital from my apartment, guess I need to find a closer apartment to the hospital. Hopefully for the next 3 month all is well, and we could be 1 step closer to our dream to work in Deutsch.



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