Rosenmontag Karneval 2016

Rosenmontag karneval is one of the most famous carnival in Germany especially in NRW state, such as Koln and Dusseldorf. In this 2 city, the festival is very hype and everybody from another land will coming and celebrating the carnival together in the street. What is rosenmontag? Rosenmontag or rose Monday is the day before ash Wednesday, and the people believe that rosenmontag is the last day to celebration (the last day they can drinking alcohol and dancing madly) before the 40-fasting day of easter.

On the Thursday before rosenmontag, they also celebrated Weiberfastnacht or women’s carnival. Or simply women day, in this day all men are prohibited to wear a necktie, and when they wear it, the female are allowed to cut the necktie LOL and yes during this day you can saw all the men either wear no neck tie or wear a chopped necktie.

I live in Dortmund, and although not as hype as Koln, there was also a small carnival in this day, BUT! There is no holiday in that day. It is a working day! The weather was also cloudy, raining and misty. Not a perfect weather to celebrated carnival T_T

But still there was ton of people in the street, wearing costume and drinking, singing and dancing in Bar. Previous Halloween I barely saw people here wore a costume, apparently the people here prefer to wear their fancy costume in rosenmontag. Even the weather was freaking cold, some of women still wear sexy costume! Even I could not use my camera, because my hand was freaking freezing LOL this tropical girl simply could not stand the combination of wind, rain and cold.






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