first week of my hospitation

I had finally started my hospitation program in hospital! Phew! This week was totally crazy. All those new thing to adapted, crazy!

6.20 wake up

6.55 – 7. 15 walk to the train

7.15 – 7.45 in train (sleeping again)

7.45 – 7.55 walking to hospital station (yeah people! I will be super healthy for the entire time! I walk 30 minute every morning!)

8.00 arrive in hospital, exchange to white coats in the locker room (I had no receive the key for this room, so every morning I had to find the doctor who had the key)

8.00 – 9.00 morning report

9.00 – 9.15 coffee times for the doctor

9.15 – 12.00 follow the doctor who is assigned to baby sit me

12.30 – 13.00 lunch (yay I got free lunch every day!)

13.00 – 13.30 noon report/coffee times again

13.30-16.00 become parasite to the doctor again

16.00 finally the day is over!

The doctor who was assigned to babysit me, is this lovely Russian frau doctor. She is really like a mother who must babysit me all day, and she does her job marvelously. She always ask me question, and explaining all about the disease. Give me a homework to discuss for the next day too LOL

There is also a fellow hospitan girl from Syrian, I think I could become a friend with her ^_^

What is my opinion about hospital in Deutschland? Apparently not so many differences with Indonesia

  1. There will always the doctor who lazy and tried to makes the other doctor taking over all of his work
  2. The super good-tobetrue-doctor who never angry, no matter how many shit the other doctor do to him
  3. The lazy nurse who do the careless mistake, and then blame the doctor.
  4. The super power nurse who do all the thing super great and frightened me sometimes LOL
  5. The friendly old patient who will always smile and said thanks no matter what happened
  6. The shitty patient who will always complain about everything

But something do differ though, for example in emergency ward. If you come with no appointment and your disease is nothing serious, and by shitty luck the ward was full. Then you must waiting, for maybe 2-3 hours. I saw a patient screaming because he had to wait for 2 hours, and the nurse simply dissed him and basicly told him to shut up, waiting or leave already. Damn. In Indonesia, no matter how hectic the doctor and nurse, and no matter how rude the patient, we must always smile to the patient.

My friend in Indonesia, had this experience before, the emergency ward was totally chaos, and this patient was angry because he had to wait for 2 hours. He was screaming out loud and told the doctor to check him out right now! He didn’t care if the other patient was totally in emergency situation . And do you know what is his disease? Common cold…..

You had common cold and you come to emergency ward? Seriously people…..

Back to my hospitation program. It was hard, every day my head is seriously hurting due to all of the German language that stroming to my ear. Erghhhhh…. It was really really make my head work extra hard trying to translate all of the language and then processing it. But I do enjoy it! Compare to my times in language school, all of the hectic situation of hospital do suits me better. I hope for the next month my language will become much better!

And the main problem, for the entire 6 month I had never learn medicine at all! And I had already forget many important thing!!! I must do some extra learning, but all of the thing I did after going home was sleep and eat T_T

The hospital here was so generous! They gave all the doctor and including us, no one creatures called hospitan, free id to access all of medical books by thieme! FYI, thieme was one of the most popular medicine book publishing company! How great! The only thing I need to do here, is find the rght time and great amount of willingness to started learning for my own good.

Random info

the strawberry here is super delicious!


i try to eat some topical fruits like mango and pineapple, both taste weird



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