Arashiyama Tenryuji temple and the bamboo groves(8)

It was our 4th day in Japan! We planned to spend the entire day in Arashiyama, the thunder (arashi) mountain (yama). To reach arashiyama I used the JR sagano line from Kyoto station. The ticket is quite cheap (240yen). It was 17 minute train ride and we arrived safely in sagaarashiyama station. If you have extra budget, instead of taking normal train, there is saga scenic railway that will take you to the best scenery of Arashiyama. And if you really have extra budget, you can choose hozu river boat tour to enjoy the view of river and the mountain. If you poor like me? then stick to the normal train LOL

Before the train ride, I bought this cute bento, for our lunch, just because it looks so adorable, with shrimp, yellow and pink color which i dont have a slight idea what that is. Hana no bentou, it sure looks like flower (hana)



In Kyoto station (and  basicly in every big station in Japan) you could find ton of shop that sold cute bento just like this. And every station had it own speciality too!



According to the weather forecast, today will be heavy raining all day, but we still thinking positively  “Hey there would be no many people! I could take many picture without people! How luxury treat!” Well… this positive thinking was proved to be true, I could took a ton of beautiful picture of arashiyama, the only problem was it WAS RAINING so heavy that it was hard to used my camera T_T

The moment we arrived, it was already start to raining. And the sky looks so gloomy and mist was everywhere.




Our fist temple was the most famous temple (and the nearest from station) of arashiyama, Tenryuji temple. It was ranking 1st among the city zen temple and registered as world heritage site.







The temple itself was already lost to fire several times but the garden had survived in its original form. So be sure to take a tour in the garden.







i bet it will totally pretty during the spring and fall with all the colorful leaves and flowers.

Our next destination was to took a pleasure walk in the world famous bamboo garden of arashiyama. Pleasure walk? NOPE. What we got was a total reverse of pleasure. By the time we walk through it. The raining pour so hard! Totally chaos! But I managed to took some picture even though my camera was wet T_T







even with the shitty weather, some of the girls are still wearing a yukata with the uncomfortable geta (traditional japan shoes). Talking about women and their fashion commitment. Hail to the fashion!

After that we decided to take a rest and ate our lunch. Remember the cute lunch that I bought before? It tasted awful. The most uneatable food I ever ate in Japan. During our lunch we were  completely wet and cold. There was a doubt in our mind, do we really want to continue to explore north arashiyama or just going back to Kyoto. Well, just because of the rain was so heavy and there was almost no human is visible near us! It was almost like a forest with no human! Kinda creepy

Then suddenly the rain stop pouring and become bearable, so we decided to continue the path!




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