Arashiyama Jojakkoji and Seiryoji(9)


From the bamboo groves, we continued to walking to explore Arashiyama. Our next target temple was Jojakkoji temple. Along the way here, we came across many other small temple but due to budget reason, we choosed not to explored everything. Too bad T_T

In contrast to the south part of Arashiyama, the north part was more serene, secluded and not so overcrowded with tourist. The temple was not so grand and big but they do gave a different vibe.


Jojakkoji temple was builded in 1596, and the reason why I choosed this temple was because from here I could saw the view of arashiyama from above (according to the guide In internet) but unfortunately that day was very misty and I could not got a clear view.



The main hall was also under renovated until summer 2016, but I didn’t regret to entry this temple at all. The maple trees along the mountain pathway was extremely beautiful and surreal, not to mention, that I was the only the tourist at that time





Imagine, I could got the priviledge to enjoy all of this view, just by myself….! (and my husband of course LOL)




one peculiar thing that i realized here, that the people here had a tradition to stack a stone for whatever reason i dont understand. AND the most important question, HOW THE HELL THE STONE REACH THERE? It was quite high!



Our next target was Gioji temple, a small temple that famous for its moss garden and located in the middle of the wood that looks extremely beautiful in Internet. Before the trip here, I had noted all the temple location, but still I could not found the way to this temple. In front of us was a couple of European, who apparently also tried to find this temple, but both of us had no luck! I was so sure it was the right street but all I saw was a dead end T_T

Then we decided to ate something to warm our body and to rest our leg too. We choosed random café in the street and heck yeah, everything tasted good here. We ordered tsukune udon, and it smells so good that we didn’t even care to took a picture. We ate it very quickly LOL and for the dessert I ordered matcha and some kind of round cake/mocha ? It was the best matcha I ever tasted. For the first time I finally tasted the real matcha!



Later, I found out from the owner lady of the cafe, to reach Gioji temple you must go through a small street between the big trees. The small path was right in front of my eyes, but at that time I was too scared to took the pathway -__- well, it didn’t looked like a pathway to a temple, more like a way to forest. Very small street! I didn’t manage to reach this small but beautiful temple, but I hoped you reader will found it. You want to know how beautiful this temple? Please look to this website such a beautiful picture!

Then we asked her, how to reach Daikakuji temple. Daikakuji temple is one of the most famous temple in Arashiyama and famous for its pagoda. FYI the kind lady in the café, she coudnt speak English, but by body language and super broken English, she told me that it was too far too reach daikakuji by foot. And it was already quite late (16.00) and she wasn’t sure that we could arrive before closing hour. So she recommend us to visit another temple that was also famous in arashiyama, the seiryoji temple.

It was the first time I heard about this temple and I don’t had any expectation or imagination about this temple, but what could I say? 1st Rule of travelling : Always go with the locals. After all they know the best! So we made a sudden change of plan and try to found the way to the seiryoji temple just by a small map from the kind lady. Thanks God I don’t get lost in the middle of arashiyama LOL


Random house in the street that looks super Japan

It was great decision to follow her suggestion, seiryoji temple or saga shakado was indeed one of the most memorable temple for me. The temple itself was famous by the wooden standing statues of shaka (buddha) and one of the 3 most famous buddha in Japan. The temple was constructed in 895 as a replica of wutai shan of china, no wonder some part of the temple had a china vibe in it.






1 big plus point for this temple is that they allowed tourist to enter the main hall and enjoyed all the relic and the sacred altar right close. The temple had vast collection of national treasures that was very interesting to see. By the time we were ready to leave, the friendly lady who was standing near the casheer suddenly came to us. And make a sign for us to followed her, at that time my first thought was “OMG I must doing something wrong!” apparently no. The lady was trying to show us that the we could open the back door of the temple and enjoyed the garden part of the temple! GOD! What a kind lady!!!!



And what she had lead us into , was a tremendous view! It was freaking beautiful, and again, it was MY private garden! No one there!!!! It was really2 special!







After enjoying the view, we came back to the front door but apparently the kind lady was not there anymore. Arigatou obaasan!

During our way to reach the train to Kyoto, we found this right in front of someone home.



It was freaking cheap, and no one keep eyes. Just relies on honesty. I really appreciated all the kindness of this arahiyama people. They were soooo friendly and kind and so helpful! I wish I could had another chance to visit this beautiful place




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