1st hair diary in Deutschland

Another hair journey of mine

This time I was having a really had great doubt to dye my hair. I was considering to dye my hair to black and just playing safe. Why? Because I had hard time to choose new brand to replace my favourite brand ever. LIESE.

Previously I had tried many cream hairdye from Europe brand, and honestly speaking, I still think the japan brand are definitely the best.

Another hair dye that I had tried before is the hair dye foam from Schwarzkopf, and the result was quite good. That’s why this time I choose another hair dye foam from Schwarzkopf. The perfect mousse in chocolate souffles color or in Deutsch, helles schokogold/ light chocolate gold. Quite a safe color to experience.

The positive side:

  1. The smell! I could not smell the annoying chemical at all. It was just like what they said in the box, free amonia.
  2. Easy to used
  3. My hair was not so damaged as when I used the other hairdye

The negative side:

  1. It was SO TINY! My hair is only medium length, and yet I could not used it to dye all my hair. I need 2nd box, and I didn’t have it. Completely disaster T_T
  2. My root was still dark T__T it didn’t penetrated my black hair


As you can see from the picture, this time my hair was..err… a little bit chaotic. The next time I used this product I will definitely buy 2 box. BUT then again, it was completely unexpected for my medium hair length.

Sigh…I really don’t know what should I do with my hair next T__T


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