HOLIDAY….on process..

due to some serious family problem, suddenly my parents decided to visit me in german!!! And once again i changed my profession from doctor to travel agent

it  is pure happiness for me to planning the whole itinerary  and to plan each little detail and make it as precise as possible. I love it!!!! to the point that the whole process of creating the itinerary sometimes becomes the best part of the whole holiday itself.

sigh…maybe i should quit my job as doctor – __-

recently i didnt felt the same spark anymore from my job. Maybe i just need a long good holiday and take a break from german.


2nd Hair diary in Deutschland

I was really occupied with my new life here and after a long time I finally realized how horrible my hair had turned into. It was completely a huge chaotic hair color   -___-

the front side looked quite normal



but the back side was absolutely awful!

My previous experience with hairdye was not very successful and I think I become somehow afraid to coloring my hair again. And also because I was simply too lazy to search for the good product LOL, but then seeing all those photos with such a horrible hair, I could not postponed it any longer.

So, I decided to colored my hair again ASAP. The 2nd question that popped was, which color? Black? Ash brown?

I swear I already bought 1 pack of l’oreal hair color ash brown. But then the next day, suddenly I craved for black hair. And just like that, I went again to the nearby Rossmann and buy this product. Schwarzkopf Brillance intensive color crème with blackred color.


The tube from them was quite efficient to color my roots but it was hard to used to coloring my lower part. The next time I buy this product, I will cut the tube! Jeez! It made my entire bathroom so mezzy!

The smell was mild and bearable. But the color itself was really strong! For the entire 2 weeks, everytime I washed my hair, the water turned into red/pink color.

And here is the result.



The last time I had black hair was 5 year ago!


Under direct sunshine the red color will show up and looked pretty!

LOL my mom was freak out when I sent her this picture! She never thought that I will had black hair again after all those year of color and bleaching, and yet at the beginning she was totally against colored hair. She always said that my skin was too dark to had color hair.

But now? LOL she told me to coloring my hair again. She finds it was strange to saw her daughter with black hair.

After a month the black hair started to faded and turned into reddish brown. Suit me better in my opinion 🙂